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Viticulture and Enology Exchange in Australia

This program carries variable units, depending on which courses students enroll in.  All students will be enrolled as full time students at UC Davis for each quarter that they are on exchange. At the University of Adelaide, Semester 1 takes place during winter and spring quarters, and Semester 2 takes place during fall quarter. Students will be provided with the CRN numbers to enroll in the Davis courses as well as the course equivalents for synchronous enrollment at University of Adelaide.

UC Davis Exchanges are academic programs and, as a result, participants should expect a substantial amount of course work. Auditing is not an option.

Courses (12-19 units per quarter*)

The course offerings at the University of Adelaide vary by semester and specific courses listed below are not guaranteed.

Winter + Spring 2020: Enrollment open May 1, 2019 – September 30, 2019
University of Adelaide Semester 1: (February, 2020 – July, 2020; Equivalent of UC Davis Winter + Spring Quarters, 2020)

Viticulture and Enology (VEN 101B), Viticultural Practices (3)

Viticulture and Enology (VEN 101C), Viticultural Practices (3)

Viticulture and Enology (VEN 115), Raisin/Table Grapes (2)

Viticulture and Enology (VEN 118), Vine Pests/Diseases (3)

Viticulture and Enology (VEN 124), Wine Production (2)

Viticulture and Enology (VEN 124 L), Wine Production Laboratory (3)

Viticulture and Enology (VEN 126), Wine Stability (3)

Viticulture and Enology (VEN 126 L), Wine Stability Laboratory (2)

Viticulture and Enology (VEN 128), Wine Microbiology (2)

Viticulture and Enology (VEN 128 L), Wine Microbiology Laboratory (2)

Viticulture and Enology (VEN 135), Wine Tech/Winery Systems (4)

Viticulture and Enology (VEN 192), Internship (1-12)

Viticulture and Enology (VEN 198), Directed Group Study (1-5)

Viticulture and Enology (VEN 199), Special Study for Advanced Undergraduates (1-5)

*UC Davis students must take at least 12 units per quarter to maintain full-time enrollment.


This program is open to students who meet the eligibility requirements.


  • Declared UC Davis Viticulture and Enology major
  • Completion of all lower division major requirements
  • Upper division standing (90 units or above) at the start of the program