Summer Abroad Lebanon

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Lebanon—Crisis in the Environment

Beirut, Lebanon

Arrive Date:  June 22, 2020   End Date:  July 21, 2020

Program Overview

Immerse yourself in a Middle Eastern experience like no other, exploring the amazing cultural diversity and history of Lebanon while studying efforts to address contemporary environmental challenges. Over the ages songs have praised the beauty of Lebanon’s Mediterranean coast, cedar-capped mountains and fertile valleys, but decades of regional and civil conflicts have complicated efforts to address acute environmental challenges that include saltwater intrusion, waste mismanagement, and deteriorating air quality. From a home base at the American University of Beirut, we will travel to some of the oldest trees in the world to discuss community-based conservation efforts, and visit a beautiful cave system to study groundwater systems. We will explore rain-fed agriculture, winemaking, and much more—all the while enjoying the great cultural and culinary experiences Lebanon has to offer.

Taught in:  English

Max Enrollment:  26

Program Instructor:  Majdi Abou Najm

Program CoordinatorKaren Larke

Get a feel for what it’s like to be a student on the AUB campus...


Science and Society 09. Crisis in the Environment (3 units)

Science and Society 198. Directed Group Study (5 units, P/NP)

Program Highlights

  • Learn about conservation challenges while under cedar trees that are over a thousand years old.
  • Meet winemakers from where some of the oldest wines were made, and learn about rainfed agriculture.
  • Learn about karst groundwater systems while visiting Jeita Cave which was nominated for the world's top wonders.
  • Visit Byblos, one of the oldest cities in the world, and enjoy a cultural day while sampling your favorites of Lebanese cuisine.
  • Visit a refugee camp and learn about what refugee life means to the refugee and the host community.

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