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Bio Sci 2C in Edinburgh

Program Overview

Study biodiversity and the tree of life at the school where Darwin neglected his medical studies to engage in lively discussions about natural history, a turning point in his path towards the science of evolution. This five-week program will be taught by faculty of the University of Edinburgh, one of the highest rated universities in the UK for both teaching and research. The city of Edinburgh is rich in history, and is a center of education, business and the arts—“Edinburgh is what Paris ought to be,” as Robert Louis Stevenson put it. Located on the Firth of Forth, the city is a unique mixture of the urban and the natural. Scotland’s biodiversity includes 90,000 species and a rich variety of habitats, with several protected areas.

Program Contacts

Program Highlights

  • Take BIS 2C in a small cohort overseas rather than with hundreds of students on campus.
  • University of Edinburgh is a top university with a highly rated School of Biological Sciences.
  • Edinburgh is the capitol of Scotland and a very lively center of education and the arts.
  • The capitol city is rich in history, with “Old Town” and “New Town” constituting a World Heritage Site.
  • Scotland is home to an astounding amount of biodiversity, with 90,000 species.

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