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Rome—Art and the City

Program Overview

A world capital for over 2000 years, Rome has the greatest historical range of art and architecture of any major city. This exciting two-week program will meet entirely onsite as students interact with art and architecture at ancient, medieval, Renaissance and contemporary sites in Rome and the surrounding countryside. Site visits, led by a Professor Emeritus of Art History, will include the Roman Forum, the Vatican and its museums, and some of Rome’s artistically richest neighborhoods. Students will develop skills of close, critical looking at the design and functions of artworks and buildings. This course has no exams; students have the option to complete daily write-ups, a final paper, or a final project based on the sites visited during the program

Program Contacts

Program Highlights

  • Meet like-minded students, expand your horizons and be inspired by the wonders of Roman art and architecture.
  • Explore Rome's ancient history through medieval ruins, elaborate villas, ornate churches, and lively city streets.
  • Experience Italy's rich culture of history, art, design, and food.

What Students Are Saying

  • “Jeff was a great lecturer and was very passionate about the subject.”
  • “Allowed me to view art like I have never known before. Before I just glanced at art but now with the course I found myself analyzing the beauty of a piece.”
  • “Professor Ruda knew so much material I was bewildered by how much he was able to provide us.”
  • “The program helped me fulfill units for graduation and explore/travel to more countries.”

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