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Oaxacalifornia—Multiethnicity and Migration

Program Overview

The State of Oaxaca has the highest number of indigenous nationalities in Mexico—seventeen different ethnic and linguistic groups. The city of Oaxaca and the surrounding towns manifest this ethnic diversity and at the same time, the city constitutes the center of national and transnational outgoing migration. The Seminar will analyze the social, economic and political conditions of these population movements focusing on the cultural changes that are affecting the whole state of Oaxaca as its rural population is transiting toward an increasingly globalized economy.

Program Contacts

Program Highlights

  • Experience the ethnic and cultural diversity as it manifests in food, music, dance, and fiestas.
  • Visit archaeological sites, indigenous regions and villages, and different ecological landscapes.
  • Discover and experience the famous Oaxacan cuisine.
  • Site visits to the local indigenous Mezcal liquor factories and Zapotec villages specialized in tapestry and “surrealistic” wood carving.
  • Explore the spirited city of Oaxaca during the month of December.

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