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Virtual Summer Internships Chile - Instructor

Virtual – Education and Social Change

Aliki Dragona

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University Writing Program (UWP)

SIT Study Abroad will teach the seminar portion of the program. Aliki Dragona is the instructor-of-record for this program. She will oversee the approval of pass/no pass grading for the seminar portion of the program, which is equivalent to the UWP 198 course.

A full-time lecturer at UC Davis, since 1990, Aliki Dragona has taught composition and literature courses both in the United States and in Greece. Born in Paris, France, and raised in Athens, Greece, Aliki holds a B.A. (University of Athens) and an M.A. and Ph.D. (State University of New York at Binghamton)-all degrees in English Literature. She is also a certified literary translator (CRIT/TRIP SUNY Binghamton). Aliki has been leading a UC Davis study abroad program in Greece since 2002. A native Greek speaker and long-time Athens resident, she enjoys teaching her students about her country's rich culture and history. Currently, apart from teaching upper division writing for the University Writing Program (UWP), Aliki Dragona is also the Faculty Director of Academic Programs at the Global Learning Hub, Global Affairs.

A Message to Students and Parents

"I absolutely delight in engaging my students globally and connecting them to the world. To do so is my small contribution toward peace. When my students are immersed in another culture with an open mind and heart, they realize that what unites us all is our humanity; when they work with other people around the world on local challenges, either virtually or on-site, they glean that their efforts bring them closer to finding ways to address global challenges."