Summer Abroad Belize, "Paradise Found—Sustainable Planning and Design" (Info Session)

Graphic with text: "UC Davis Summer Abroad Paradise Found—Sustainable Planning and Design"

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The program focuses on developing sustainable planning/design strategies for visitor-serving development in Belize; on a pristine barrier reef and, secondarily, an inland rain forest. We will engage in a “real world” hands on studio, with student teams researching, weighing options and designing the best alternative. Working together with other students, you will explore strategies for renewable energy (wind, solar, bio-fuel); capturing, treating and storing water and wastewater (rain water capture, wetland systems); designing sustainable buildings/landscapes; working with indigenous culture/economics to maintain financial integrity and address environmental justice; food production; and resort operations like transportation, staff housing and health; addressing resiliency; and other aspects of a visitor-serving operation in a unique natural/human ecosystem. Full Program Details.

Come learn more about the program and meet the instructor!

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