Global Skills and Leadership

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Develop your skills and abilities to lead and engage diverse individuals who are based in multiple regions of the world in order to get things done. Take advantage of the variety of leadership seminars, workshops, conferences, and programs available to you through the university and its partners.


Teaser Photo, Experiential LearningStudent Groups, Events, Activities

Explore student groups or student-focused activities that encourage global learning at UC Davis. These groups and activities stand out because they provide students with regular or ongoing opportunities to engage with global issues and/or solve global problems.


Teaser Photo, Experiential LearningFirst-Year Opportunities

First-Year Seminars are an exciting program of small, innovative classes that reflect a variety of intellectual interests. Limited to 19 students each, these unique courses promote critical thinking and community.


Teaser Photo, Global Ambassador Mentorship ProgramGlobal Ambassador Mentorship Program

Help first-year and transfer international students successfully adjust to life at UC Davis and support the leadership development of current student mentors. We match new international students with current students based on similar academic and social interests to connect them with a community of support and friends.


Teaser Photo, Experiential LearningGraduate Student and Post-doc Certificate Seminar Series

Meet, connect, and network with some of the global leaders at UC Davis. Seminar guests share their professional journey and career development, highlighting what it means to be a global leader and how to be successful in an increasingly international workplace.


Teaser Photo, Experiential LearningAcademic and Professional Development Workshops

Specifically designed for international undergraduate students, participate in a series of workshops to gain the foundations for academic and professional success. Topics include preparing for career fairs, preparing for graduate school, the American workplace, and how to tell your international story.


Teaser Photo, Experiential LearningUC Davis Networks

Tap into the different networks and associations that UC Davis is a part of and get connected to opportunities that promote international knowledge exchange. Learn from people in different countries working in different disciplines to take part in collaborative problem solving.


Teaser Photo, Experiential LearningSummer Global Leadership

Take part in a global leadership program designed to develop skills to positively influence the thinking, attitudes, and behaviors of a diverse group of people in order to promote collaboration and the achievement of goals.