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Discovering Greece: A Journey of Heritage and Identity

Participating in the UC Davis Summer Abroad “Writers in Greece” program allowed Michael to gain a new global perspective on Greece and reflect on his identity. He engaged deeply with Greek culture and history, while also navigating health challenges and forming strong connections with fellow Aggies, making the experience both rewarding and enriching.

Creating Meaningful Impact Within the UC Davis Community and Abroad

From the bustling streets of Barcelona to the heart of UC Davis, Mahiri Comeaux's journey is one of inspiration and impact. As a Global Aggie, he's not just balancing books and extracurriculars; he's making meaningful connections and creating change every step of the way.

Finding Global Community at UC Davis and Beyond

Rikiya Hatano returned to Davis in January 2023 to continue working towards a Bachelor of Science in International Agricultural Development. Getting involved with campus programs, Hatano took up the role of a Global Ambassador Mentor Fellow in Spring 2023.

Experiences Abroad and at Home

Valeria Becerra Angulo is an international relations major with a minor in French, Human Rights, and Environmental Policy Analysis and Planning. In 2023, Valeria participated in the UCEAP Sciences PO Paris Study Abroad program to study European politics in France.

Free Passports Provided to UC Davis Students to Advance Global Learning

The U.S. Passport Grant Program covers the cost of one First-Time Adult U.S. Passport Book with standard processing and delivery. All related costs are covered by the program, totaling $180 per student (UC Davis Passport Services has waived the cost of passport photos). The program especially encourages applications from students who identify as part of a historically marginalized or underrepresented community in study abroad participation.

A Backpack to Help Refugees

This month’s guest on Face to Face With Chancellor May is a student who came to UC Davis to help refugees preserve their access to higher education — all while completing her own studies.