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Global Studies Minor

About the Global Studies Minor

The interdisciplinary minor in Global Studies will enable students across disciplinary areas to learn about global issues as well as to gain first-hand experience both locally and internationally through academic coursework and experiential learning. The flexibility of this minor allows students to take upper division coursework on campus and/or while participating in UC Davis programs such as study abroad or internship programs. A combination of coursework and experiential learning will allow students to develop capacities in three areas: global awareness, global diversity, and global action.

Global Studies Minor Advisors

  • Overview
  • The four minor requirements include 20–24 total units and a digital portfolio:
    1.    One gateway course, Global Thinking, EAP 001 (4 units)*
    2.    Courses from the approved list related to a designated global theme (12–16 units)
    3.    Capstone Experience (4 units)
    4.    Completion of a digital portfolio
    *This course may be substituted for another approved lower division. Refer to the requirements section below.
  • Guidelines and Restrictions

  • Global Studies Minor Guidelines
        o   Courses for the minor can either be taken for a letter grade or pass/no pass. Please refer to the Pass No Pass guidelines page to determine requirements or restrictions based on your college.
        o  You must have an overall 2.000 GPA in the minor.
        o  Be aware that some upper division courses have pre-requisites you must complete prior to enrolling.

    A total of 12 internship and/or experiential learning units with a global dimension can be used towards this minor. Up to eight units can be used in Requirement 2. Please consult your Global Studies Minor advisor for more information.

    Global Studies Minor Restrictions
        o  No more than two courses from a single UC Davis department may be used in satisfaction of the minor requirement. However, this restriction does not apply to courses taken while studying abroad.
        o  All courses used towards the minor must be upper division, with the exception of Requirement 1.
        o  Only one course that overlaps with your major(s) may be used and none from a second minor. The overlap rule may also apply to lower division courses. Please consult with your Global Studies minor advisor for more information.

  • Requirements
  • The details pertaining to each requirement are provided below. Students must meet with their Global Studies Minor advisor to design a global theme. Advisors approve all courses and credited experiential learning/internships that count towards the completion of the minor.

    Requirement 1, EAP 001. Global Thinking, EAP 001, is offered annually. If it is not feasible for a student to complete EAP 001, the advisor can approve an appropriate substitution. The recommended substitute courses can be found here. Consult your Global Studies Minor advisor before enrolling in a substitute course. Also, requirement 1 may be satisfied through community college coursework. Consult your Global Studies Minor advisor.

    Requirement 2, Courses with a Global Theme. Completion of 12–16 UC Davis upper division units around a global theme. Students should identify a cluster of courses that will together support a thematic are a of global learning of particular interest.  Consider an example list of courses and/or bring in other course syllabi for review with your Global Studies Minor advisor. You may see example course clusters in the drop-down menu below under “Advising Process for the Global Studies Minor.". Keep in mind that up to 8 units of internship and/or experiential learning can be used for this requirement.

    Requirement 3, Capstone Experience. Select one of the following options to satisfy this requirement.
        o  Option 1: 4 units of experiential learning or an internship with a global dimension. Students must receive credit approved by UC Davis for it to count towards the minor.
        o  Option 2: A globally focused seminar or course from the UC Davis course catalog.

    Requirement 4. Students submit the documents for Requirement 4 in Oasis. The digital portfolio consists of three components.
        1. A course cluster sheet related to a global theme. Please find sample cluster sheets in the drop-down menu below “Advising Process for the Global Studies Minor."
        2. A one-page reflection related to your selected global course cluster theme.
        3. Proof of engagement with the My Global Learning Plan. Note: The Global Learning Plan is currently inactive. Please consult your minor advisor for more information.

  • Advising process for the Global Studies Minor
  • Thoroughly read the minor information noted above, including the FAQ section.

    Schedule an appointment with a Global Studies advisor by calling 530-752-5763 or contacting your Global Studies advisor directly.

    During your advising appointment you will review the minor requirements and minor petition process.
        o   Fill out the
    minor planning form (PDF)

    Download and complete the fillable cluster worksheet (see below). Your cluster worksheet should be typed and should clearly show how all courses relate to the global or theme of your minor.
    Check out the sample worksheets available below for examples.

    Complete the minor petition process:
        o  Submit a '
    Declare a Minor Petition Form' in OASIS when you are ready for approval. 
    Make sure to identify the overlapping course in the comments section of the Minor Petition, if there is a class you're applying both to your major and minor.
        o  Upload your completed cluster worksheet with your minor petition form to OASIS.
    Note: We recommend that you declare the minor once all requirements have been completed. If you are completing the final requirements of the minor during your graduating quarter, please consult with your minor advisor for further instructions. 
    In order to have the minor certified on your transcript, your OASIS minor declaration form will need to be submitted no later than the 10th day of instruction of the graduating quarter.

    Fillable cluster worksheets:

        o  Cluster worksheet for students using 3 courses (PDF)
        o  Cluster worksheet for students using 4 courses (PDF)
        o  Cluster worksheet for students using 5 courses (PDF)

    Samples of past students' cluster worksheets:
        o  3-course Cluster Example (PDF)
        o  4-course Cluster Example 1 (PDF); 4-course Cluster Example 2 (PDF)

        o  4-course with Internship Cluster Example (PDF

Global Studies Minor Requirement FAQs

  • How do students engage in experiential learning?
  • Experiential learning provides pathways that allow students to engage in research, internships, study abroad, service learning with multi-lingual and/or multi-cultural communities, and much more.
  • Can I use courses from my major?
  • Only one class from your major can be used for the minor. If you have more than one major, one class from each major may be used to fulfill the Global Studies minor, but you cannot use a course that overlaps with each of your majors.
  • Can I use courses from another minor?
  • No
  • Can I use foreign language credits towards the Global Studies minor?
  • Students are strongly encouraged to study a foreign and/or heritage language. As specified above, only upper-division coursework may be used towards the minor, including language classes.
  • Can I take multiple courses from one department?
  • No more than two courses from a single UC Davis department may be used in satisfaction of the minor requirement. However, this restriction does not apply to courses taken while studying abroad.
  • Can I petition to have a class count for the minor that is not on the list?
  • Yes, but you will need to supply syllabi and/or other materials which clearly demonstrate the focus of the course. 50% or more of the class content must have a global focus.
  • What is the cluster worksheet?
  • It is designed to help you create an emphasis for your minor. Global Studies is a big area of study and like your major, it is important to have a focus in your coursework. The worksheet should show how your chosen courses for Requirement 2 interrelate under the umbrella of your emphasis. Students are required to type the responses in the cluster sheet. Handwritten responses will not be accepted.

    Tips on the cluster worksheet: Make sure that each section is clear, cohesive, and error-free; think of a title that represents your take on the Global Studies minor and indicates to your reader what your rationale is.

  • Can I use courses I’ve taken to satisfy my GE requirements?
  • Yes, provided that they are upper division units. There are no restrictions on this.
  • Can I take courses for the minor P/NP?
  • Yes, but please note that each college specifies the total number of units towards graduation which you may take as P/NP. Consult your major advisor.
  • Can I count internship (192) and/or research units (199) towards requirement 2?
  • Yes, you can apply up to 12 units total (up to 8 can be used towards Requirement 2 and an additional 4 can be used towards Requirement 3). Transcript notation cannot be used to fulfill a requirement. You must receive credit through a 192 course.
  • Can I use 198s taken during UC Davis Summer Abroad programs towards Requirement 3?
  • Yes, all upper division courses taken on Summer Abroad can be used for the minor provided they work into your cluster theme.
  • Can I use courses taken abroad with non-UC programs?
  • Yes, provided that all the courses have been approved for transfer credit by the UC Davis Admissions Office and provided that they transfer as upper division credit. Since the UC Davis Admissions Office does not certify the divisional status of transfer courses, you will need to have an academic advisor in the appropriate department provide a note stating the course would qualify as an upper division course at UC Davis.
  • When and how do I file for the Minor?
  • If you want to have the completion of a minor certified on your transcript, you must complete the Minor Declaration webform and download your cluster worksheet in OASIS no later than the deadline for filing for graduation. You are allowed to include courses in your minor petition that you have not yet completed, but requirements for the minor must be met by the time of graduation.