Global Community Engagement

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Community Engaged Learning involves applying knowledge to address community problems to achieve real objectives for the community and a deeper understanding of oneself. Learning occurs through a cycle of action and reflection. Rather than focusing on student learning, Community Engaged Learning emphasizes the services being provided to meet community needs.

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Work alongside local students, young professionals, and/or experts in different countries to address community issues related to health, community development, family and youth development, education, agriculture, food and nutrition, water, and more.


Teaser Photo, Experiential LearningBlum Funded Opportunities

Partner with communities in over 50 countries to tackle projects that address poverty around the globe. Integrate education with experience while engaging with community to implement practical solutions to address their needs.


Teaser Photo, Experiential LearningGlobal Learning Projects

Work on a consultative project with a multi-disciplinary team of students to address a global issue posed by a community, government, or industry partner. Apply what you’ve learned in class to solving a real-world problem.


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Work or volunteer remotely, and connect and serve global communities online. Stay local while engaging with communities in other parts of the world by providing virtual assistance or completing work tasks digitally.


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Review additional tools and resources to help you find community-engaged global learning opportunities that are the right fit for you. Explore on- and off-campus resources and useful search engines for identifying global learning opportunities.