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UC Education Abroad Program (UCEAP)

The enrollment period for UCEAP programs for Summer 2024, Fall 2024, Winter 2025, Spring 2025 and Academic Year 2024-2025 will open November 1, 2023. Open dates and deadlines vary by program.

UCEAP is the only study abroad provider representing the entire University of California system. Our UC-approved programs offer UC credit, grades and financial aid. Through immersive language study, educational trips, internships and research, we invite you to explore new cultures, gain valuable professional training and become globally conscious and involved.

UCEAP offers UC students study abroad opportunities in:

  • 40+ countries around the world;
  • 140+ international partner universities;
  • 160 Summer, Quarter, Semester, and Year-long program options.
  • Choosing a Program
  • With so many program options, it is easy to feel overwhelmed. As you search for the program that best fits you, think about your personal and academic goals in studying abroad and don’t lose track of them. Here are some questions to ask yourself:
        o    What are you trying to achieve academically while you are abroad?
        o    Do you aspire to take courses toward your UC Davis major, general education requirements, for personal enrichment, or all of the above?
        o    Do you speak any other languages you want to perfect? Or are you interested in learning a language from scratch?
        o    For how long would you like to study abroad and what term? Summer, Quarter, Semester, or Year?
        o    Are you comfortable taking classes immersed in a foreign university, or would you prefer to stick with a group of UC students?
        o    Would you like the UCEAP program you select to have an internship component?
        o    Research programs based on your study abroad goals, by visiting the UCEAP website and exploring what UCEAP has to offer.
        o    Use the filters on the UCEAP Find a Program page to search by location, academic discipline, experience type or term abroad.
        o    Research a backup program, if you are applying to a limited capacity program. You will not submit an application for your backup program, but please have one in mind, should your first choice program fill.

    Types of UCEAP Programs

    UCEAP offers many programs types to consider:

        o    Immersion: Take Host University courses with local and International Students
        o    International: Take host university courses with other international students usually during the summer
        o    UC Curriculum: Courses are taught according to a UC curriculum, often with a particular theme or academic focus
        o    Internships: Take part in a full-time internship or part-time internship as a required part of program curriculum
        o    Research: Engage in Full-time research or part-time research built into program curriculum
        o    Language & Culture: Instruction focused on language acquisition and culture study
        o    Multi-Site: Study in multiple locations, visiting local establishments including social, government and NGO organizations
        o    Themed & Major Specific: Programs designed for specific disciplines

  • How to Apply

  • Before you Apply

        o   Research the program on the UCEAP website.
        o   Determine that you are eligible to apply (GPA, class standing, prerequisite courses, etc.).
        o   If you have questions regarding the program or your eligibility, stop by the Global Learning Hub for drop-in advising.
        o   Discuss college or major credit for your proposed study abroad course list with your academic adviser(s).
        o   Review the UCEAP budget on your program page, get an estimate or talk with a Financial Aid Officer about how your financial aid may be applied to your program. 
        o   Obtain a valid passport that will be valid for the duration required by UCEAP. Your UCEAP application will state how long your passport must be valid after the end date of the program.
        o   Add the application deadline to your calendar. 
        o   Typically you must apply for a program 9-12 months before departing for the program.

    Apply to the Program

    UC Davis requirements:

        1.   Select “Apply Now” on any UCEAP page.
        2.   You will be prompted to create an account on the UCEAP Portal Website to access an application.
        3.   Return to your program page, and select the orange apply now button in the program information card to enter the program specific application.
        4.   Review the application instructions and requirements.
        5.   Submit the application in the UCEAP Portal.
        6.   After submitting the UCEAP application, follow the instructions for UC Davis students and complete the UC Davis Study Abroad profile and enrollment. This submission finalizes your UCEAP application.

    Please note: Students can only submit one UCEAP application per term. Students who submit multiple applications without consent may forfeit all submissions. Back-up applications will not be accepted.

    Please refer to the UC Davis UCEAP deadline page for program-specific deadlines. UC Davis will not consider any submitted UCEAP application without the completion of the Study Abroad profile and enrollment.

    Applications are accepted on a first-submitted first-nominated basis for limited capacity programs. See the deadlines page to learn more.

    Applications are due by 11:59pm on the posted deadline date.

    Document Uploads

    Each Application will require the Academic planning form to be uploaded. You may also be required to upload transcripts, passport copies, proof of language, statement of purpose, or preapproval to extend. Uploads vary program to program, please read your application instructions carefully.

    The application items that you will be required to upload to the UCEAP online application may be scanned using a photocopier or smartphone.

    If you are taking a photo with your phone, please ensure that your passport or document is lying completely flat, without other objects (such as a hand or background) in the image. It is also important that the entire image is in one document intact, and no corners or numbers are cut off. If you are having trouble keeping your passport flat, you can place a piece of glass (such as from a picture frame) over it. We highly recommend using a scanning app for this, such as Genius Scan.


        o   Applications are reviewed on a rolling basis and students will be notified via email once their application has been reviewed and their status has been updated. Notifications will go out no later than 3 weeks after the application deadline.
        o   For most programs, provided an applicant’s meet and maintain the program’s eligibility, they should be able to participate in the program they applied to!

    Note: Students are not required to meet with a Global Learning Hub advisor to submit an application, but we are here to help you navigate the process, where needed.

  • Predeparture Resources

  • Application Resources

    Academic Planning Form (PDF)
    UC Davis Global Learning Hub requires students to complete specific items in addition to the UCEAP online application. This includes the Academic Planning Form. On the Academic Planning Form, you will list the courses you plan to take while abroad on UCEAP. Advisor’s signature is required on this form, and can include either major, minor, or Dean’s Office advisor.

    Post-Nomination Resources

    UC Davis Campus Health Clearance Instructions (PDF)
    Students participating in UCEAP will be required to complete and submit a health clearance as a pre-departure requirement. UCEAP will notify students of the deadline and instructions for specific programs via the UCEAP portal.

    UC Davis Post-Nomination Survey
    UC Davis students are required to complete this post nomination survey within two weeks of being notified that they have been “nominated by campus.”

  • The Californian Abroad

  • The Californian Abroad is the official blog for the University of California Education Abroad Program (UCEAP). The resource is for UC students who love to travel, connect with other cultures and inspire others to live life fully.

Contact for more information or advising.

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