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Global Ambassador Mentorship Program


UC Davis Global Learning Hub and Services for International Students and Scholars are offering the Global Ambassador Mentorship Program, a program opportunity for Spring 2024 through Winter 2025 that provides hands-on intercultural learning, mentoring skills and professional development for undergraduate students from diverse backgrounds. Mentors Fellows offer mentorship and friendship to new international students, develop programming, build leadership skills, and contribute to the global community at UC Davis. Mentors Fellows also receive a payment of $500 upon successful completion of the program.

The application to become a Mentor Fellow for 2024-2025 has closed. To learn more about other global learning opportunities, email globallearning@ucdavis.edu

What is a Global Ambassador Mentor Fellow?

Global Ambassador Mentor Fellows are current undergraduate students who assist international undergraduate students in adjusting to the UC Davis campus and introducing them to U.S. culture. As a Mentor Fellow, you gain valuable leadership skills, practical experience with intercultural communication and a deeper understanding of your role in our global community.

Program Benefits

  • Preparatory course "Intercultural Leadership" taken with other mentor fellows in spring.
  • Opportunities to create and run program events.
  • Professional development workshops specifically for Mentor Fellows on topics such as goal setting, interviewing skills etc.
  • Ability to be part of and contribute to community building at UC Davis through connecting with Fellow Mentors and supporting international student mentees.
  • Opportunities to contribute to broader work of Global Affairs as needed. Past examples include providing feedback on new global learning tools, contributing to the International Student and Scholar Handbook, and participating in videos and photo shoots.
  • Receive payment of $500—paid in two installments at the end of fall quarter and winter quarter. This payment is contingent upon the successful completion of program responsibilities.
  • Eligibility for transcript notation in fall and winter quarters when logging at least 40 hours/quarter of program time.

Program Description

The program runs from the spring quarter through the following winter quarter. Mentor Fellows will:

  • Enroll in and pass a two-unit EDU P/NP upper-division preparatory class ("Intercultural Leadership") during the spring quarter.
    • The course will be held on Wednesdays, 2:10–4 p.m. during spring quarter. This course is required; no exceptions.
  • Starting in summer, mentor up to five new international students and maintain regular support and contact.
  • Participate in weekly program meetings during fall and winter quarters.
    • Meetings will be held on Wednesdays, 3:10–4 p.m. and are required in fall and winter quarters.
  • Contribute to planning for program events and communications and attend program events.
  • Attend professional development opportunities/workshops.
  • Complete bi-monthly reflections and a final group reflection project on their learning throughout the program.
  • Be matched with a student co-coordinator who, along with the program coordinator, will review their reflections and provide ongoing feedback in their mentorship and events/communications activities.
  • Be part of a cohort of other Mentor Fellows.
  • Mentor Fellows can expect to spend 0-2 hours/week in summer and 4-6 hours/week in fall and winter quarters on program activities.

Our goal is to recruit a group of mentors from the U.S. and from countries all over the world. Students from diverse cultural backgrounds are encouraged to apply! There are no citizenship or permanent residency requirements to participate; however, students must be eligible for employment in the U.S. to receive the payment.

If you have any questions about the program or your eligibility, please contact the program coordinator.


Mentor Fellows must:

  • Be an undergraduate student at UC Davis.
  • Have satisfactory academic progress (2.50 GPA).
  • Have completed at least one full university-level academic year (three quarters) by July 2024.
  • Expected graduation date no earlier than March 2025.
  • Have a genuine willingness to learn from and about cultures other than your own and have a dedication to service.
  • Have experience working, living, or studying in a place where you had to navigate an unfamiliar cultural context, either in the U.S. or in another country.
  • Have demonstrated past leadership experience or potential related to effectively guiding international student mentees and planning/implementing related events.
  • Be able to register for and attend the EDU class on Wednesdays, 2:10–4 p.m. during spring quarter.

This program is open to all undergraduate students, international and domestic, who meet the above eligibility requirements.

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