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Global Aggies Blog 

The Global Aggies Blog is your place to share your global experiences with fellow Aggies and other stakeholders. There are two ways to contribute your story to the blog: 

  • Fill out the Global Learning: My Story Q&A webform detailing your study abroad or other global learning experience. This is a more structured format that has specific questions that you answer.
  • Write a blog post about a topic of interest related to your study abroad or other global learning experience. This is a more open format that you are able to mold to your experience. We want you to dive into a topic you are passionate, or curious, about! Some examples: tackling global challenges, current topics in the news, politics and expression, street art, fashion trends, housing and urbanization, religion, immigration, nature. What are you curious about and how can you translate this curiosity into a blog article? Word count: 400-600 words. 
    • A handful of article ideas from past global learning students: “Cultural Transition of Syrian Refugees,” “Assessing Global Inequality Beyond the Textbook,” “I Studied Abroad During the Trump/Clinton Presidential Election and This is What Happened,” “Social Media and Technology Use in Cuba.” 
    • Additional blog post ideas:
      • Photo Essay – Take a photo that is connected to your study abroad or other global learning experience and write a 600-word post telling the story behind the photo.
      • Interview – Find a local resident from your program and interview them on a topic of interest. The final draft layout could be more in a Q&A format, but please include opening and closing paragraphs.
    • All blog articles need to have accompanied photography—with photo captions. We are looking for 2-5 photos connected to each article.
    • Please send your blog post and accompanied photos to globalaggies@ucdavis.edu.

Please contact globalaggies@ucdavis.edu.
We look forward to sharing your stories across our web and social media platforms (Global Aggies BlogInstagramFacebookXLinkedIn and YouTube)!