Three student in a large canyon. The all jump in the air at the same time and the photo captures them high in the air, smiling.
"The Moon Valley is a large canyon filled with tall clay spikes and sharp columns that were formed due to the long process of erosion. The valley was named Moon Valley because the valley resembles the landscape of the moon." (Photo credit: Santhosh Nandakumar)

Applications for Study Abroad Open for Upcoming Quarters

Quick Summary

  • Both employees with the Global Learning Hub and students currently studying abroad advocate for the various global opportunities available to students.

As the end of fall quarter 2023 has approached, many different types of study abroad opportunities, such as summer and quarter abroad, UC Education Abroad Program (UCEAP), global intensives and virtual internships have become available for students to start learning about and applying to.

Nina Isaka, a fourth-year biotechnology major and employee at the Global Learning Hub, discussed why she believes students should take advantage of these programs.

“I think [study abroad] really helps you get different perspectives,” Isaka said. “I feel like [when] going to college, most of the time you’re stuck in a bubble because you have the same culture, values or have grown up the same. But when you do a study abroad program, you’re going to an entirely different country, and [become] immersed in that culture.”

After traveling abroad, students have shown to be more open-minded and empathetic because of the change of scenery and cultures, according to Isaka. Study abroad can also be beneficial in that it takes students out of their comfort zones, especially when going to other countries that are different from the U.S.

“I really like when students actually engage and ask questions about [study abroad] because I’m excited that they want to do a program,” third-year international relations major and employee at the Global Learning Hub Juliet Chicas said. “I think that my favorite part is seeing how excited students are to do the programs and to be a part of that process.”

About the Global Learning Hub at UC Davis

As a part of Global Affairs, the Global Learning Hub aims to inspire global curiosity, understanding, and engagement.

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