UC Davis now has study abroad, internship programs on all seven continents

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By Aarya Gupta, Student Features Writer, The California Aggie

Antarctica, Lebanon, Tanzania Among New Additions to Global Affairs, Global Learning Hub

Global Affairs and the Global Learning Hub — formerly the Study Abroad Office — have introduced an extensive array of study abroad and internship programs led by UC Davis faculty for the 2019-20 school year. Antarctica, Lebanon and Tanzania are three notable destinations added to UC Davis’ overarching global reach. 

“These three programs provide opportunities in parts of the world that are underrepresented in study abroad,” said Zachary Frieders, the executive director of the Global Learning Hub, via email. “They each tackle subjects that are of global importance and resonate with UC Davis.”

Each year, 1,300 students are granted the opportunity to study abroad in over 30 countries. Now, with the addition of a program in Antarctica, UC Davis has established programs on all seven continents. 

“We are very proud of that accomplishment,” Frieders said. “But it’s not just about having a presence on every continent. It’s about asking the question: Do we provide students opportunities in the very best location for their area of study?” 

Last year, UC Davis adopted a set of global learning outcomes affirming what the university anticipates students will learn from participating in such programs. The three key elements of these outcomes include “building global self- and systems-awareness” as well as “embracing linguistic and cultural diversity” and “acting globally.”

About the Global Learning Hub at UC Davis

Through the Global Learning Hub, each and every UC Davis student can find global learning opportunities available on campus, in the region, and across all seven continents. The hub’s network of local and global academic, experiential, and leadership programs helps develop capacity for undergraduate, graduate, and professional students to engage with global issues and make a difference in the world as the next generation of global problem solvers. Search global learning opportunities across UC Davis.

As a part of Global Affairs, the Global Learning Hub aims to inspire global curiosity, understanding, and engagement.