Summer Abroad UK, "In Search of Scotland" (Info Session)

UC Davis Summer Abroad (In Search of Scotland)

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Scotland is a paradox. Independent or subjugated, practical or superstitious, forward thinking or forever mired in their own mythic past. This is a land where science and invention co-mingle with folk tales and myth. Great universities live alongside haunted graveyards, faerie mounds and sea monsters. In Search of Scotland will explore the complex, contradictory culture, history and life north of Hadrian’s Wall. Students will write reviews, travelogues, and feature articles, coming away with a deep understanding of Scotland, and vastly improved writing skills. Set primarily in Edinburgh, one of Europe’s most beautiful (and haunted) cities, In Search of Scotland provides intensive writing instruction coupled with field trips, ghost walks, and a three-day tour of the Highlands, including the Isle of Skye, Loch Ness and the haunted fields of Culloden. Full program details.

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