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Global Education for All

Preparing the next generation of global problem solvers

Committed to educating the next generation of problem solvers and change makers, UC Davis is working towards Global Education for All—a goal aiming to provide 100% of our undergraduate, graduate, and professional students with global learning opportunities that change their lives and our world.

Developing global skills, in our backyard and beyond

Our students are developing skills needed to succeed in this interconnected world through global academic, experiential, and leadership opportunities such as:

  • study abroad and away,
  • internships, externships, and traineeships,
  • virtual international collaborations,
  • hands-on learning and research that take on global challenges in our backyard and beyond,
  • living and learning communities that connect culturally diverse students with each other and the resources of our global campus,
  • and more.

Pathways of Global Learning

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  • Global Academics
    • E.g., globally oriented capstone projects, theses, and dissertations; study abroad and away; globalized courses and collaboration
  • Global Experiences
    • E.g., community engaged service learning; global research; internships, externships, and traineeships
  • Global Living and Leading
    • E.g., global living and learning communities; campus programs and clubs; and global learning events and activities

Outcomes of Global Learning

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  • Global Awareness 
    • Students examine actions and relationships that influence global systems from multiple perspectives, analyzing how complex systems impact themselves and others.
  • Global Diversity
    • Student explore complex dimensions of diversity, equity, and inclusion around the world, including language, culture, and identity. 
  • Global Action
    • Students create strategies to apply knowledge, skills, and abilities to collaboratively and equitably foster global well-being and resilience. 

Learn more about the UC Davis Global Learning Outcomes

Contact Information

As we educate the next generation of global problem solvers—and identify supporters of key resources—we invite the UC Davis global community to partner with us in ensuring every student has the opportunity to receive a global education. To learn more about giving opportunities, please see our Global Affairs Giving page.