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Global Learning Outcomes

UC Davis Global Learning Outcomes Framework

Committed to educating the next generation of problem solvers and change makers, UC Davis is working towards Global Education for All—a goal aiming to provide 100% of our undergraduate, graduate, and professional students with global learning opportunities that change their lives and our world.

The following UC Davis Global Learning Outcomes Framework, developed by the Global Education for All Steering Committee, describes the broad vision and learning objectives of Global Education for All.

Why is Global Learning Important?

Global challenges, networks, and dynamics profoundly shape our lives. We need scholars, entrepreneurs, educators, artists, and employees who are ready to navigate across different cultural, political and regulatory environments. And we need empathetic, curious leaders, caregivers, and community members who understand issues in cross-cultural contexts and collaborate to resolve them equitably.

Global learning prepares UC Davis students to develop skills, knowledge, networks, and attitudes that will help them thrive in these roles.

What Does Global Learning Mean?

Global learning at UC Davis is a combination of local, regional, national, and international experiences through which students develop key skills, knowledge, and networks that help them build global awareness, engage global diversity, and pursue collaborative and equitable global action.

Global learning helps students develop their capacity to be informed, open-minded, responsible people who are responsive to diverse perspectives and able to address the world’s most pressing issues collaboratively, equitably and sustainably.

Global learning should enhance students’ sense of identity, community, ethics, and perspective-taking, and foster the ability to define and advance equity and justice with respect to human and natural systems.

How Does Global Learning Take Place?

We recognize that students come to UC Davis with varied—and sometimes extensive—global experiences, and our goal is to help each take next steps.

Global learning cannot be achieved in a single course or a single experience but is acquired throughout students’ time at UC Davis through multiple global learning opportunities.

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  • Global Awareness

Students examine actions and relationships that influence global systems from multiple perspectives, analyzing how complex systems impact self and others.

  • Global Awareness: Global Learning Outcomes
  • a) Evaluate complex and overlapping systems in a global context, including natural systems (e.g. environmental, biological, chemical, physical) and human systems (e.g. cultural, economic, political, legal, health, social, and technological). 
    b) Analyze how systems are constructed, influenced and altered, identifying differential and inequitable consequences, and how this shapes people’s lives around the world.
    c) Reflect upon interactions and interrelationships between our own experiences and natural and human systems in a global context.
  • Global Diversity

Students explore complex dimensions of diversity, equity, and inclusion around the world, including language, culture, and identity.

  • Global Diversity: Global Learning Outcomes
  • a) Engage with differing perspectives and experiences while maintaining a sense of cultural perspective, including how culture informs our own beliefs and ways of thinking. 
    b) Examine multiple and intersecting dimensions of cultural diversity (including, but not limited to, race, ethnicity, gender, nationality, religion, language, and class), discovering our own and others’ cultures and histories, including experiences of privilege and oppression. 
    c) Expand our ability to cross boundaries associated with language, culture, histories, and status in order to bridge differences, recognize similarities, and collaboratively and equitably reach common goals.
  • Global Action

Students create strategies to apply knowledge, skills, and abilities to collaboratively and equitably foster global well-being and resilience. 

  • Global Action: Global Learning Outcomes
  • a) Create strategies to identify biases, navigate power relations, and continuously monitor intended and unintended consequences when addressing complex global challenges.
    b) Apply knowledge, skills, and abilities to contribute to society at multiple levels - locally, regionally, nationally, and globally - demonstrating cultural humility and ethical, informed, and responsible actions.
    c) Explore personal, academic, and professional opportunities that address real-life global challenges through collaboration across intercultural and disciplinary contexts in ways that account for cultural diversity, social justice, and planetary sustainability.

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As we educate the next generation of global problem solvers—and identify supporters of key resources—we invite the UC Davis global community to partner with us in ensuring every student has the opportunity to receive a global education. To learn more about giving opportunities, please see our Global Affairs Giving page.