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Widening Circles: Exploring New Pathways for Learning

UC Davis Widening Circles is a global social impact program that aims to empower students to explore new pathways for learning, sharing, connecting, and acting with purpose and humility in the face of global inequality and injustice. In partnership with Omprakash EdGE, the program is built on the principle of "widening circles" of impact, in which small actions can lead to larger and larger ripples of change. 

In 2022, 16 UC Davis students from all four colleges participated in the Widening Circles program. Students found unique and rewarding projects that fit their personal and academic interests.

Program Benefits

  • Online learning, mentorship, and community – the Omprakash EdGE online learning platform is designed to help you reflect on the complexities of striving for justice across differences of culture and power and to examine your own location within global flows of power and resources.
  • Digital storytelling to document your experience – each student will create a series of multimedia blog posts that eventually form a Digital Portfolio that they can share with host organizations or others; students will present their work at a live Digital Symposium at the end of the program.
  • Peer-to-peer learning, webinars, and periodic discussion groups to support community-building and critical reflection.
  • Optional: Social impact internships or volunteer opportunities  – Joining this program will enable you to access online or in-person volunteer and internship opportunities with over 200 Omprakash partners in 50+ countries. We encourage you to pursue an internship or volunteer opportunity in conjunction with your participation in this program, but it is not required to do so.
  • Receive a certificate in Critical Global Engagement.
  • Students who complete an internship, can apply for and receive Transcript Notation through the Internship and Career Center.

Student Voices

Ruby Raheja

Environmental Science Major, College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences

"Participating in the Widening Circles program has impacted my life in positive and substantial ways. My IPBio internship in the Brazilian Atlantic Rainforest has helped me better understand how to mitigate climate change. For example, fungi, specifically mushrooms are able to break down toxins and sequester carbon as well as provide medicinal uses. Learning how to identify them as well as how important they are, especially their root structure mycelium, in the rapidly shrinking rainforest has helped me appreciate my Environmental Studies major at Davis in a real world context and inspired me to study abroad and take mycology classes.”

Melanie Gallegos-Campos

Global Disease Biology Major, College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences

"The Widening Circles program has expanded my understanding of global issues and taught the importance of creating long-lasting change through collaboration and the sharing of power/privilege. In the EdGE platform, I explored topics in cultural awareness, global inequalities, and sustainability to name a few. Through my virtual internship at ENGin, I met two “speaking buddies” who currently live in Ukraine and hoped to improve their English skills through our sessions. Our conversations have given me insight on Ukrainian culture and the resilience shown by citizens during the war. I am grateful for the opportunity to participate in this program and will carry the lessons I have learned as I move forward in my academic and professional career."

Saahil Sachdeva

Biomedical Engineering Major, College of Engineering

"In a nutshell, Omprakash Edge taught me that before widening the circle of influence for social reform, I must first define my role as a local, internationally-minded volunteer. Therefore, I must join the movement at home, because what is equality if it isn’t addressed everywhere? This program also served as my reflection space for battling personal stereotypes. Unfortunately, I come from an ethically-unvaried high school, so coming to Davis felt like a new world. However, thanks to Omprakash’s discussion spaces, I was able to actively reflect on my prejudices and correct them with first-hand experience."

Join the 2023 Program

UC Davis undergraduate and graduate students are invited to join the 2023 Widening Circles program, June 26 – August 25, 2023. For more information, check out the webpage and details below on registering and applying for funding.

  • Register for the program through the Omprakash Portal.
  • Scholarships to cover the $500 program fee and travel grants for in-person internship/volunteer positions are available. All students are strongly encouraged to apply for funding. Apply through the Global Learning Hub Experiential and Intercultural Portal.
  • The registration and funding application deadline is March 24, 2023.

About the Global Learning Hub at UC Davis

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