Summer Internships in Australia

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Wildlife, Conservation, and Veterinary Medicine Internships in Australia

Sydney and Wildlife Park, Australia

Arrival Date: July 12, 2020    End Date:  August 13, 2020

Program Overview

This 4-week program, in partnership with Loop Abroad, provides students the opportunity to gain first-hand experience working in two unique areas: wildlife handling and care at a wildlife conservation center and zoo internship at a zoo. Unlike a traditional internship, the wildlife component of the internship includes hands-on training led by a Loop Abroad veterinarian so students can have enhanced depth to their experience. The two weeks at the wildlife center offer 50 veterinary hours. The zoo weeks provide 40 animal experience hours per week.  Students will have a chance to work with Australian staff and to get hands-on, up-close experience with wildlife such as kangaroos, koalas, echidnas, and birds and reptiles. Conservation, animal nutrition, welfare in captivity, ethograms and enrichments, anatomy and physiology of different Australian species, proper handling and physical exams, and zoo management are some of the many topics with which students will gain experience. Groups will include 8-12 students, and the order of the rotations will vary.

Max Enrollment:  24

Taught in:  English (VME 198, course taught remotely)

Program CoordinatorSarah Wiens


Medicine and Epidemiology (VME) 198Directed Group Study: Internship Reflection (2 units)

Education Abroad (EAP) 192Internship (4 units, P/NP)


Students will participate in a professional internship for 35-40 hours per week. Please see Placements tab for internship details.

Note: some placements, especially at wildlife centers, may be outside the city.

Program Highlights

  • Exciting opportunity to grow professionally and personally
  • Outstanding resume line item and interview talking point
  • Assist in treatment rounds with Australian wildlife
  • Health check kangaroos and koalas
  • Learn to handle and assess possums and bandicoots
  • Discover the anatomy, behavior, and care needs of Australian animals from a zoo vet perspective
  • Enjoy Australian culture with no language barrier. Students in any major can enroll.

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