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Summer Internships in India - On Site

Public Health and Rural/Urban Medicine


In New Delhi, you will stay in a southern neighborhood of the city called Saket. The apartment is close to the local subway station and the area is considered a middle-class neighborhood. There is a caretaker for the apartment who cleans, cooks the meals, and takes care of any daily needs the group may have.

In Dehradun, you will lodge with a local homestay family. In the village of Patti, lodging will be at the rural clinic, which has three bedrooms and two bathrooms downstairs. There is also a caretaker in the village of Patti who will cook, clean, etc. In the hospital in Masoorie, students eat at the Hospital Cafeteria.  

All housing will be on a shared basis, two to three students per room. 

You should be flexible, resilient and willing to live at the local level in very modest conditions. Air conditioning is not guaranteed.  

UC Davis reserves the right to change the accommodation location. Should this be necessary, we will arrange alternative lodging. Please note that elevators, air conditioners and other modern conveniences may not be available in all locations.


Two (sometime three) meals a day are provided.

Excursions & Activities

Short excursions and day trips are included during orientation week.

Orientation week sample schedule:

  • City tour of Delhi.
  • NGO and Foundation visits
  • Welcome dinner and cultural show
  • Full day tour to the Taj Mahal and Agra
  • Lectures about Indian culture, customs, history, politics, economics, and public health.
  • 10 hours of Hindi Lessons

Get to Know Your Destination

India, with over 1 billion people is a confluence of religions, languages and cultures. Here, 50% of the urban population lives below the poverty line. You will be immersed in ancient cultural traditions and complex healthcare systems.

India bristles with a mind-stirring mix of landscapes and cultural traditions. Your journey through this intoxicating country will blaze in your memory long after you've left its shores. India loves to toss up the unexpected. This can be challenging, particularly for the first-time visitor: the poverty is confronting, Indian bureaucracy can be exasperating and the crush of humanity may turn the simplest task into a frazzling epic. Even veteran travelers find their nerves frayed at some point; yet this is all part of the India experience. With an ability to inspire, frustrate, thrill and confound all at once, adopting a 'go with the flow' attitude is wise if you wish to retain your sanity.

Source: Lonely Planet

Study Abroad Advisory of Student Risk

Participation in this UC Davis Study Abroad program requires travel to and extended living in a foreign location(s) abroad. UC Davis Study Abroad endeavors to reduce and mitigate risk wherever possible.  However, the environments and risks associated with living in these locations are substantially different than those found during a regular course of study at UC Davis. All participants must download and review the following information prior to departure. Any questions should be directed to the Program Coordinator.

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