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Global Engagement Opportunity (GEO) Living-Learning Community

The Global Engagement Opportunity (GEO) is a one-year residential living-learning community that provides students an opportunity to engage in cross-cultural exchange and collaboratively learn about global issues in an equitable and sustainable way. Through friendships with students from across the world and participation in programming, your GEO experience will help you build global awareness, relationships, and networks through globally focused events and programs. This community is open to all incoming first-year students—whether domestic, transnational, or international—who are interested in participating in optional seminars, peer mentorship, and programming with a global focus. Domestic, transnational, and international students are encouraged to participate and can choose to room together.

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Programs and Information

Unique activities and opportunities:

  • Live and learn with a diverse global community of peers.
  • First Year Aggie Connection/Seminar focusing on global learning opportunities at UC Davis,building global skills, and making deeper connections in our global community.
  • Learn about participating in academic, research, service, and professional work that has a global dimension.
  • Experiential learning opportunities such as field trips and global kitchen activities.

How Students Can Join

  • New first-year students can join the GEO LLC within their Student Housing Application through MyAdmissions.
  • Indicate GEO as your preference on your housing application under the “Living-Learning and Shared-Interest Communities” section.
  • Priority will be given to domestic and international/transnational roommate matches.