United Kingdom

Summer Internships in London

Psychology Internships in London Program Overview PROGRAM AT A GLANCE
  • Location – London, United Kingdom
  • Dates – June - August, 2021
  • Max Enrollment – 15
  • Prerequisites  – Yes
  • Career Area – Psychology

Intern in the global metropolis of London with an individually tailored placement to work toward your career goals in psychology and social services.

Brighton’s Shopping Hot Spot: North Laine

December 05, 2018
Emily Cowan, a UCEAP United Kingdom Alum. "Charming and unique, North Laine is an area in Brighton teaming with quaint shops that perfectly coincide with the retro, beachy vibe of the city. Pink, blue, and yellow pennants are strung from the buildings, creating a cheerful, inviting atmosphere. North Laine has it all..."

Summer Abroad UK

Perspectives in Global Management Program Overview PROGRAM AT A GLANCE
  • Location – Edinburgh, United Kingdom
  • Dates – June 26 - July 23, 2021
  • Max Enrollment – 30
  • Taught In – English
  • Prerequisites  – Yes
  • Academic Area – Agricultural and Resource Economics

The dynamics of the European economy is an especially good setting to study global management in action.

Summer Abroad Europe

The Grand Tour Program Overview PROGRAM AT A GLANCE
  • Location – United Kingdom, France, Italy
  • Dates – TBD
  • Max Enrollment – 32
  • Taught In – English
  • Prerequisites  – No
  • Academic Area – Humanities

This program introduces students to the Grand Tour—a voyage through France and Italy undertaken by young Englishmen, and eventually women, of the 17th and 18th centuries.

Summer Abroad UK

Study the ghosts and hauntings of Edinburgh, one of Europe’s most beautiful cities, cruise the Loch Ness, visit Glasgow and trek through the Highlands of Scotland.

Summer Abroad UK - Oxford

Study in Oxford, the birthplace of modern fantasy: see what inspired Wonderland, Narnia and the Shire, float Ratty and Lyra's river, and walk the halls of Hogwarts.

Summer Abroad UK - Brewing Science

Beer brewing is a convergence of diverse sciences (botany, plant physiology, chemistry, biochemistry, microbiology, chemical engineering, and more) in pursuit of a delightful product.

Summer Abroad Europe

Study and experience the great genetic breakthroughs in this grand European tour of genetics: Cambridge, Paris, Vienna, and Stockholm and more.

Summer Abroad Europe

Journey through two European countries famous for their trend setting historical and contemporary art, architecture and design.

Quarter Abroad Nottingham

Organic Chemistry in Nottingham PROGRAM AT A GLANCE
  • Location – Nottingham, United Kingdom
  • Dates – TBD
  • Max Enrollment – 30
  • Taught In – English
  • Prerequisites  – Yes
  • Academic Area – Chemistry
Program Overview

Complete a key UC Davis organic chemistry sequence in one quarter while studying in historic England.