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Summer Abroad United Kingdom - Courses

Oxford on Film

On this Summer Abroad program, you can:
  • Earn 8 quarter units in 4 weeks.
  • Enroll in UC Davis courses to fulfill degree, major, minor, or GE requirements as listed in the General Catalog.
  • Experience academic coursework enriched by both the program’s location(s) and activities.
Note to Non-UC Davis Students
  • Students from other campuses should consult with their home campus to determine whether courses may be used to fulfill their specific academic requirements. 
  • Semester students who will apply for Summer Financial Aid can get an additional unit to meet unit minimums for financial aid eligibility. Please contact Summer Abroad for additional information.


The above syllabus is representative of this program. The instructor provides a term-specific program syllabus to enrolled students. The program syllabus and schedule, including the daily itinerary and planned activities, are subject to change at the discretion of the instructor.

Class Format

We will have class in the mornings—Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Afternoons on those days will be used for field trips and watching the course films together. Students will have three-day weekends free.

Earn GE credit! Some courses on this program offer GE credit. Expand the sections below to view course descriptions and type of credit offered.


You will enroll in the course set below. Expand the sections to view course descriptions. Auditing is not an option. UC Davis programs are academic programs so participants should expect a substantial amount of course work.

  • University Writing Program (UWP) 102L. Writing in the Disciplines: Film Studies (4 units)
  • Advanced instruction in writing about film and practice in effective styles of communication. Lecture/Discussion 3 hour(s), Extensive Writing. Prerequisite(s): UWP 001 C- or better or UWP 001V C- or better or UWP 001Y C- or better or ENL 003 C- or better or COM 001 C- or better or COM 002 C- or better or COM 003 C- or better or COM 004 C- or better or NAS 005 C- or better; and upper division standing. GE credit: AH, WE.
  • University Writing Program (UWP) 198. Directed Group Study (4 units, Pass/No Pass grading only)
  • This course includes participation on excursions and tours and attendance to guest lectures. Students are often asked to write reflective pieces. Assignment topics vary by program. GE Credit: AH, WE.
Note for Engineering majors: Prior to enrolling in the program, we recommend confirming with your major department that UWP 102L counts for the UC Davis Upper Division Writing Requirement.


Along with the general eligibility requirements, Study Abroad will be enforcing the completion of the following prerequisites. For non-UC Davis students, the equivalent at your campus:

UWP 001 C- or better

or UWP 001V C- or better

or UWP 001Y C- or better

or ENL 003 C- or better

or COM 001 C- or better

or  COM 002 C- or better

or COM 003 C- or better

or COM 004 C- or better

or NAS 005 C- or better;

and upper division standing.

  • UC Davis students: Prerequisites cannot be waived. Please contact the instructor if you have any concerns about completing the prerequisites prior to the program start.
  • Non-UC Davis students: Prerequisites can only be waived by the instructor—please contact the instructor if you wish to discuss this option. Please note that you will be required to submit proof of prerequisites waived when submitting your enrollment. If you plan to take these courses to satisfy a requirement at your home campus, please meet with your academic advisor to make sure waiving the prerequisites does not impact that requirement.
  • Failure to complete unwaived prerequisites prior to program departure can result in administrative withdrawal and fees owed accordingly.