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Quarter Abroad Mexico - Placements

Latinx Health Internship in Oaxaca

For the Latinx Health Internship program in Oaxaca, UC Davis Study abroad partners with CFHI (Child Family Health International), a nonprofit organization that offers health-focused programs, rotations, and internships.

The Latinx Health Internship program in Oaxaca is a customized program designed by CFHI uniquely for UC Davis Study Abroad. Onsite, a team of local CFHI staff will welcome students, lead the welcome orientation, facilitate all program-related activities in health settings, coordinate and lead the group excursions and optional activities, and be on-call 24/7 for emergency support.

Through this program, students earn UC Davis course credit which may be used to fulfill degree, major, minor, or General Education (GE) requirements. Although Study Abroad partners with CFHI for some aspects of the program, the official provider for these programs is UC Davis Study Abroad, and course credit is issued by UC Davis.

Internship Placement Process

After you enroll in the Latinx Health Internships program in Oaxaca program, you will receive instructions for completing a separate online application for this program’s partner, Child Family Health International (CFHI). No interviews are required in the placement process.

Clinical Rotations

Students will participate in clinical rotations three times per week. Rotation sites include:

Primary Healthcare Centers

These clinics provide services including health education and promotion, diagnosis and treatment of disease, prenatal care and family planning, and primary care services including vaccinations and well child checkups. Participants will join physicians and local nurses to educate the local population about chronic conditions and infectious diseases. The facilities also offer vaccinations, pap smears, and cancer screenings.

General Government Hospital

This teaching hospital provides primary, secondary, and tertiary care at low cost. Students will rotate alongside Mexican medical students and residents in OB/GYN, pediatrics, surgery, and emergency wards. They will participate in morning rounds, general consults, and follow-up treatment.

Government Social Security Hospital

The facility provides secondary and tertiary care for state workers, including school teachers and their family members. Students will take part in rounds in surgery, OB/GYN, and emergency units. The facility has a strong surgical department and staff are eager to mentor students.

UC Davis Program Partner

Child Family Health International is a nonprofit organization that offers health-focused programs, rotations, and internships in 11 countries. CFHI is recognized as a global health ethics leader and partners with over 40 universities to offer quality health education programs rooted in longstanding partnerships with local host communities. CFHI programs offer clinical rotation placements and public health opportunities to provide students with a professional and holistic perspective of local health needs and resources.

Transcript Notation

Students participating in UC Davis Study Abroad Internships are eligible to receive Transcript Notation (TN). Transcript notation documents your academically approved internship on your official UC Davis transcript. By having your experience noted, it provides proof of where and when you participated in an internship. This is especially valuable for international internships that may be difficult for a prospective employer or program to contact.

Transcript Notation is a process you’ll start within the first two weeks of your internship placement through Handshake, the tool UC Davis Internship and Career Center uses to connect students and employers.