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Fees, Payments and Financial Aid

Quarter Abroad Fees, Payments & Financial Aid

Review the information below to learn about the breakdown of program fees, making payments, and financial aid.

If you need to cancel your enrollment at any time, please be aware of the policies and procedures that apply. Depending on when you cancel, you may be obligated to pay the full fees for the program, including fees for reserved accommodations. See the cancellation policy for more information.

  • Program Fees
  • Fees vary by program. Please view the program specific web pages for your program's fees.

    Fees include UC Davis Tuition and Fees, Quarter Abroad Fee and Accommodations and Services Abroad Fee. Travel to and from the program site is NOT included. All fees are subject to change without notice.

    UC Davis Tuition & Fees
    This includes campus-based fees that support many programs, facilities and services for students, including financial aid. Most fees were enacted by student vote. For details on these fees, visit https://financeandbusiness.ucdavis.edu/student-resources/tuition-fees. Includes non-resident tuition and UC SHIP if applicable. Fees and tuition are subject to legislative and gubernatorial action and may change without notice. 
    Quarter Abroad Fee
    This fee covers Quarter Abroad operations expenses and also includes related items such as course materials and travel and accident insurance. The $300 non-refundable deposit goes toward this fee.
    Accommodations and Services Abroad Fee (varies)
    The Accommodations and Services Abroad Fee varies for each program. This fee includes but is not limited to accommodations, select meals, group excursions and some course-related printed items. Travel to and from the program site is NOT included.

    Please refer to the program web pages for a specific list of what is included and not included in your fees.
  • Making Payments
  • Fees are due September 15th for Quarter Abroad Fall programs.

    Not Paying your fees can have serious repercussions such as a hold on your account, being dropped from classes for non-payment, being assessed a late fee, and being sent to a collections agency.

    Students are responsible for all bills incurred abroad. Failure to resolve any outstanding bills may compromise the student's standing with UC Davis.

    Making Payments

    Note: The $300 non-refundable deposit is due before submitting your enrollment in your UC Davis Study Abroad Account.

    Paying Online

     - Payment website
     - Click on "Make a Payment"
     - Click on "Pay"
     - Select payment option and proceed with the payment
     - Note: You can make payments from your checking account or credit card. Credit card payments are accepted through MyBill only and a 2.85% service fee (a minimum fee of $3) will apply to all credit card payments. This fee is non-refundable and processed through a third-party (TouchNet PayPath).

    Paying by Mail

    Make the check or money order payable to UC Regents, include the UC Davis Student ID number on the check and remit to:

    USPS Mailing Address
    UC Davis Payment Lockbox
    PO BOX 743168
    Los Angeles, CA 90074-3168

    Send UPS/FedEx To:
    Cashier & Payment Solutions Office
    1200 Dutton Hall
    One Shields Ave
    Davis, California 95616

    *All students participating in a Quarter Abroad program have a UC Davis Student ID number regardless of their home campus. Your 9-digit UC Davis Student ID number is available via your UC Davis Study Abroad Account.

    Paying in Person

    Please take your payment to the Cashier’s Office in Dutton Hall. Payments can be made by check or money order, payable to UC Regents.

    Questions or comments.

  • Using Financial Aid to Pay for Your Program
  • Review information about Financial Aid, Scholarships and Budgeting for Study Abroad in our Resources section.

    Typically the financial aid that you receive on campus can be applied to study abroad, and your aid may be adjusted to account for added program costs, such as airfare and local housing costs. Even if you do not normally qualify for financial aid while on campus, you might qualify for aid for study abroad, depending on additional costs and your particular situation. Always consult with the Financial Aid Office before enrolling in a program.

    General Points on Using Financial Aid to Pay for Your Program

    Timelines for programs are such that your adjusted financial aid package may not be finalized until late in the process (when you are already liable for program fees), so it is important to stay on top of things.

      - Inform yourself beforehand of all of the steps involved.
      - Submit materials, including the FAFSA or CA Dream Act Application, on time and fully completed.
      - Master the options and limits of aid in your particular case.
      - Contact the Financial Aid Office with questions.
      - Follow up to ensure your aid is disbursed.
      - If you need a Visa Support Letter from the Financial Aid Office, please use the request tool on their website.
    Specific Points on Financial Aid for Quarter Abroad Programs:
    The Financial Aid and Scholarships Office will utilize cost information provided by the Global Learning Hub to adjust your overall Cost of Attendance on MyAwards. you can then utilize financial aid, scholarships and/or loans to help cover your abroad expenses. If you receive University grants - UC Grant, UC Blue & Gold and /or UC Aggie Grant Plan - these funds are awarded based on the cost of attendance at UC Davis, and do not increase even though Quarter Abroad programs have costs higher than UC Davis' standard cost.
    Direct Deposit for Financial Aid Disbursement: 
    If you are traveling before your program's start date, any financial aid funds remaining after payment of fees on your account may be issued after you depart; therefore, it is important that you sign up for Direct Deposit of aid disbursements. Be sure to include your UC Davis email address so that you will receive notifications of your deposit. if you have questions regarding this service, contact myaccount@ucdavis.edu.