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Human Rights and Democracy in Chile & Peru

Program Overview

Like much of Latin America, Chile and Peru are still reckoning with the political violence and instability of the 1970s and 1980s. While Chile lived through a brutal military coup on “their 9/11” (1973), Peru suffered the Shining Path guerrilla movement and the backlash against it. In recent decades, both countries have received international acclaim for their efforts to protect human rights and secure truth, justice, and democracy. We will visit both countries’ memory museums, talk to the architects of renowned truth commissions, dialogue with major artists, and learn first-hand from history’s protagonists. We’ll also understand why these two vibrant Latin American capitals have become top destinations for tourism, culture, and gastronomy.


Program Contacts

Program Highlights

  • Collaborate with leading human rights activists and professionals in the region.
  • Meet young Peruvians and Chileans fighting for truth, justice, and democracy.
  • Learn more about the Shining Path, one of Latin America’s most complex and controversial guerrilla movements.
  • Experience the vibrancy, cultural offerings, and culinary fame of two very different Latin American capitals.

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