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Study Abroad is Back!

by Bryce Shirley, Student Writing Intern, Global Affairs

The Global Learning Hub, within Global Affairs, is pleased to announce the 2022 lineup of programs for UC Davis Summer Abroad and UC Davis Summer Abroad Internships. Programs include faculty-led study and internship (virtual and in-person) opportunities in various disciplines—from animal and veterinary science to global health; from environment, green tech, and sustainability to business and communication.

The first step towards studying or interning abroad or virtually this summer is to create a UC Davis Study Abroad Account to receive email updates about upcoming programs of interest and key enrollment dates and deadlines. UC Davis Summer Abroad and Summer Abroad Internships are open to all University of California students. Earn eight units in just four weeks on most programs.

Our UC Davis faculty-led and internship summer programs enrollment period runs from January 5–April 1, 2022. Enrollments are on a first-completed, first-reserved basis. Create a Study Abroad account for program updates, news, and announcements

UC Davis Summer Abroad

Cover of the Summer Abroad brochure. Photos include: iconic city square, student overlooking Paris, students with an elephant
UC Davis Summer Abroad 2022 Brochure (PDF)

Traveling with a small group of students and world-class faculty, students participating in a Summer Abroad program gain new global perspectives in focused academic areas, develop cross-cultural understanding, and forge new friendships and professional relationships. Courses are offered to fulfill major, minor, and GE requirements.

Learn more about funding resources for study abroad programs. UC Davis Summer Abroad is open to all University of California students. Earn eight units in just four weeks on most programs.

UC Davis Summer Abroad Internships

Summer Abroad Internships provide students with the opportunity to gain firsthand experience in diverse fields and within diverse cultural contexts at locations around the globe. Conveniently offered during the summer, internships are open to all students, offer guaranteed placements, improve your marketability when you apply for jobs, and enhance applications to professional schools. UC Davis faculty work with students remotely during the internship to help them get the most out of their experience. Students earn UC Davis credits and are supported 24/7 on-site by trusted program providers. Program lengths vary from 4 to 10 weeks. 

Internship Tracks Available in 2022

Explore the over 20 UC Davis Summer Abroad Internships planned for this summer:

Two new internship tracks will be available this summer: Design and Fashion in Italy and Environment, Green Tech, and Sustainability in New Zealand, Spain, and Thailand. We also are introducing new Wildlife, Conservation, and Veterinary Medicine internships in Costa Rica; and Business and Communication internships in Spain:

UC Davis Quarter Abroad (Fall 2022) and UC Davis Virtual Internships (Summer 2022) will also open for enrollment on January 5, 2022.
For more information about all global learning opportunities available at UC Davis, see our calendar of info sessions, workshops, and events and our Global Learning Programs search tool

About the Global Learning Hub at UC Davis

Through the Global Learning Hub, each and every UC Davis student can find global learning opportunities available on campus, in the region, virtually, and internationally. The Hub offers global learning programs, workshops, and resources that enhance all UC Davis students’ academic and career pursuits through four broad areas of opportunities: Community Engagement; Global Skills and Leadership; Internships and Research; and Study Abroad. UC Davis is committed to preparing the next generation of global problem solvers and change makers. As such, we aim to prepare our undergraduate, graduate, and professional students to solve global challenges collaboratively, equitably, and sustainably.

As a part of Global Affairs, the Global Learning Hub aims to inspire global curiosity, understanding, and engagement.

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