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Summer Abroad UK - Instructor

Perspectives in Global Management

Jerry Lundblad

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Agricultural and Resource Economics

My vocation has been as a consultant which I have found rewarding. But my avocation as a university lecture is what really keeps me going. I have done both for over 40 years so I have lots stories. I have UC undergraduate degree in economics and an MBA from Sacramento State. For the past 12 years I have taught an organization management class at UC Davis as well as an occasional class in corporate finance, supply chain management, and optimization modeling. I have worked in the global setting in Russia, Australia, the South Pacific, and Mexico.

A Message to Students and Parents

Who am I? A native Californian. Live in San Francisco. Spent part of my life officiating small college football and collegiate Rugby. I sit on the board of trustees of large senior housing facility sponsored by my church in San Francisco. Along the way I have always taught a few university classes while I worked as a consultant for both large and small firms. And over the years I have seen the benefits to students of international programs: career focus, world view, life-time friends. So when the opportunity to participate in the program was available I wanted to become involved."