Summer Abroad Bhutan

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GIS in the Land of the Thunder Dragon

Program Overview

Nestled in the Himalaya Mountains between India and China (Tibet), the small Buddhist monarchy of Bhutan awaits you. Join us and learn how to use geographic information systems (GIS) as part of our study abroad program in Bhutan. With a population of about 700,000, Bhutan is a small but culturally rich country. We will be staying at the Royal Thimphu College. Known for measuring progress in terms of the collective happiness of its people (Gross National Happiness) rather than by purely economic standards, Bhutan is also the only “carbon negative” country in the world. With rich biodiversity, 72% forest cover, and elevation gradient from 100 meters to 7,500 meters, Bhutan is an excellent place to learn GIS while experiencing a cultural paradise.

Program Contacts

In the News:

Program Highlights

  • Learn about and experience Gross National Happiness.
  • Enjoy college life at 8,000 feet elevation in the Himalaya region.
  • Enroll in a highly impacted UC Davis course that will benefit students from all majors.
  • Immerse yourself in a beautiful, peaceful place with warm, friendly residents.
  • Participate in developing a GIS project focused on GNH.

What Students Are Saying

  • "This trip was full of some of the best people I will probably ever meet. Faculty included."
  • "Having the time to apply our knowledge in the field and explore Bhutan with locals would have to be my highlight of this entire trip."
  • "Bhutan is an amazing country and I think we saw more than most Americans ever do."

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