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Summer Abroad Spain

Housing and Urbanism in Barcelona

Barcelona, Spain

  • Dates – June 28–July 27, 2024
  • Max Enrollment – 30
  • Taught In – English
  • Prerequisites – Yes
  • Academic Area – Community & Regional Development; Landscape Architecture

Program Overview

Learn about housing while living in one of the most exciting cities in Europe. Barcelona, celebrated for its architecture, urbanism, and landscape, is also a city with strong community identities and legacies of activism. With the city as our classroom, we will explore Barcelona’s renowned attractions as well as its hidden gems, hear talks from local experts, and engage with architects, planners, and residents of fascinating projects in ecological, affordable, and cooperative housing. In your free time, sample from the city’s incredible food scene, wander medieval streets, or sun yourself at the beach. On the weekends, take a hike in the nearby Pyrenees, hop a ferry to the island of Mallorca, or explore Spain’s exquisite cities of Valencia, Girona, Madrid, Granada, or Seville.

Program Contacts

Program Highlights

  • Live in one of the world’s great cities and enjoy its rich history and culture.
  • Visit cutting edge projects in housing, urban planning, architecture and landscape architecture.
  • Learn and apply methods for urban observation, ethnography and community-based design.
  • Experience the Spanish joy of living: long lunches, late dinners, and neighborhood fiestas.
  • Explore the nearby Pyrenees Mountains, the Costa Brava, or the Balaeric Islands.

What Students Are Saying

  • “The class helped me learn about things to consider in urban planning. The experience of interviewing locals really changed my design philosophy.”
  • “This provided new and informative experiences, perspectives, and opened my eyes to more problems that communities are facing and the challenges faced to overcome them.”
  • “I gained a more global view about urban planning.”

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