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Summer Abroad Thailand - Instructor

Microbiology Lab in the Kingdom of Smiles

Glenn Young

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Food Science and Technology

Professor Glenn Young is an internationally recognized expert of food safety and infectious disease microbiology. A seasoned international scholar—he has worked, lived and traveled throughout Thailand and the other Southeast Asian countries of Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam. His work with Assumption University in Thailand began in 2004.  In Southeast Asia, he leads numerous research and outreach programs with ongoing goals to facilitate faculty and student exchanges and to research rural farmer community development and public health. In 2016, Professor Young was awarded a Vietnamese Medal of Honor by the Vietnamese government in Ho Chi Minh City. 

A Message to Students and Parents

"Thailand is a particularly interesting country for Professor Young. He sees a society that embraces the rapidly changing landscape of modern innovation while firmly maintaining its roots to a rich Buddhist culture that dates to prehistory and seeks to harmonize with other religions. All at once, Thailand is among the top worldwide tourist destinations with five-star services and, in close proximity, has communities of people living traditional lives revolving around family, culture and the belief that personal merit come to those serving the community. The urban landscape of the capital city of Bangkok is filled with endless opportunities to examine the fine arts, culture, food, technology innovation and people. Outside of the capitol, Thailand is a Kingdom with an unparalleled richness of tradition and pristine landscapes of mountains, jungles and beaches. Most visitors that come to Thailand leave with lifetime inspiration about how the “Land of Smiles” is the most enchanting place they have ever visited."