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Virtual Summer Internships Chile - Logistics

Virtual – Education and Social Change

What’s Included

UC Davis Virtual Summer Internships take place in an online setting and are an opportunity to sharpen your remote work skills and internet literacy, an increasingly relevant skill. You will be working virtually with an international organization. You will report to a supervisor abroad, or report to your program partner, as you participate in project-based work individually or with a group, either with other virtual interns or collaborating with international colleagues.

Virtual Summer Internships Chile - Cost

Virtual – Education and Social Change Financial Aid and Scholarships

If you are eligible for financial aid, it can be used towards UC Davis Virtual Summer Internships programs. Learn more about financial aid and scholarships.

Program Fees

Program fees are subject to change and do not include expenses outside of what is outlined in the table below.


Virtual Summer Internships Chile - Placements

Virtual – Education and Social Change

Each UC Davis Virtual Summer Internship program pairs UC Davis Study Abroad with a partner organization that manages the personalized internship placements, prepares you for the virtual experience, and provides advising support throughout the placement process and throughout your virtual internship.

Virtual Summer Internships Chile - Courses

Virtual – Education and Social Change

On this UC Davis Virtual Summer Internship Program, you can:

  • Earn 6 quarter units in 6 weeks.
  • Enroll in UC Davis courses to fulfill degree, major, minor, or GE requirements as listed in the General Catalog.
  • Earn academic credit while gaining valuable work experience.

Note to Non-UC Davis Students:

Virtual Summer Internships Chile

Virtual – Education and Social Change Virtual, Chile
  • Dates – TBD
  • Max Enrollment – 25
  • Prerequisites – Yes
  • Career Area – Education & Social Change
Program Overview

This six-week virtual internship and seminar will focus on the role of local and community-based organizations in supporting education and social change initiatives in Chile. As an intern, you will work on projects related to education and social change in placements that may range