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Design in Europe

Program Overview

Great Britain and the Netherlands are two European countries that are unsurpassed when it comes to innovative and influential art, architecture, and design. Starting in the ancient English city of York, this program will travel to the vibrant Scottish city of Edinburgh, the creative capitol London, and the Dutch cities of Utrecht and Amsterdam. Creative projects will focus on the design of multi-sensory exhibitions and experiences for public spaces, and the evolution of European design and the international style. Excursions include visiting famous historical and contemporary design sites in Glasgow and Rotterdam, renowned professional design studios, and world-class design venues—the Victoria and Albert Museum, London’s Design Museum, the Stedelijk Museum, and the Rietveld Schröder House.

Program Contacts

Program Highlights

  • Experience living in the heart of four amazing European cities: York, Edinburgh, London, and Utrecht.
  • Participate in behind-the-scenes visits to world-class design related museums and cultural attractions.
  • Enjoy organized excursions to the vibrant cities of Leeds, Whitby, Glasgow, Amsterdam, and Rotterdam.
  • Participate in creative projects with leading professional designers in their studios.
  • Study and make friends at other design schools including London's prestigious Central St. Martins School of Design. 

What Students are Saying

  • "The most rewarding aspect of my experience were the projects. Working with design studios made it feel more real to me. It helped me grasp the concept of what I will be doing in the future. I also felt very proud once I finished the 200 page visual journal. This whole experience made me feel more confident in my design skills and artistic ability!"
  • "I made great friends got to talk to peers about their plans on what they will do with their major."
  • "It is one thing to learn about these things in a classroom (many places that we visited I have learned about in class) but it is a whole different, amazing experience to be there in person."

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