Summer Abroad China

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Global Fashion in China

Program Overview

We will be stationed in the Yangtze Delta Area—the birthplace of silk and now the hub of modern fashion and textile production in China. With easy access to Shanghai and many other famous historical textile sites, students will explore museums to study Chinese traditional costumes and their influence on global fashion development and will visit the latest apparel and textile facilities where many internationally recognized fashion brands are made. With a flexible schedule, students can shop at textile markets, visit the famous oriental gardens in the region, or relax in town to observe the lifestyles where the deep roots of Chinese civilization meet western influence.

Program Contacts

Program Highlights

  • Live and study in China to gain a better understanding of Chinese culture.
  • Investigate how design is implemented in real world operations at production sites.
  • Experience how design thrives at cultural crossroads enhanced by technology.
  • Evaluate the social responsibilities of fashion designers in this trend-driven industry.

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