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University of California (UC) Summer Abroad

UC Faculty-led Summer Abroad and Internship Programs—2024

UC faculty-led Summer Abroad and Internship programs offer students short, intensive academic courses that are complemented with a wealth of excursions and cultural activities. All UC programs are built around UC courses and are led by world-class UC faculty, administered by a UC campus. Many provide opportunities for students to visit non-English speaking countries while doing their coursework in English. Class sizes are small—18-30 students—allowing for an intimate learning experience. UC Summer Abroad and Internship programs are open to all University of California students and students from other U.S. institutions.

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Africa and the Middle East

Ghana – Pediatric Care and Reproductive Health (UC Davis)

Join local medical professionals in the historic Children’s Hospital in Accra and see firsthand the various factors that directly affect the health of Ghanaian children.

Israel – Two Peoples in Palestine and Israel (UC San Diego) 

Survey the economic, legal, cultural, and political histories of both the Jewish and Palestinian peoples beginning in 1881 and ending in the present. Learn how to articulate coherent points of view about topics which remain touchy and troubling today.

Namibia – Biology and Ecology Field Studies in Namibia (UC Riverside) 

This program will explore the incredible biological diversity in Namibia, including coastal and desert ecosystems. Namibia is home to some of the most unique plants and animals on earth, and has the tallest and oldest desert, with sand dunes meeting the ocean along the west coast of Africa.

South Africa Evolution and Fish Biology (UC Santa Cruz) 

Embark on an evolutionary expedition in South Africa, where students snorkel at Lake Malawi, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and conduct hands-on fieldwork at the "Cradle of Humankind," where early human fossils were first uncovered. 

South Africa – Hospital Medicine and Health Disparities Internships (UC Davis)

Witness local healthcare professionals' efforts to address health inequities amongst underserved communities in Cape Town through community-based initiatives and clinical rotations.

Asia and Oceania

Australia – Animal and Zoological Management Internships (UC Davis) 

This program, in partnership with Loop Abroad, provides students the opportunity to gain first-hand experience in wildlife handling and care at Wildlife Habitat, a wildlife conservation center in Port Douglas, Australia and participate in a zoo internship led by zookeepers.

Australia – Sustainable Animal Production Down Under (UC Davis) 

Learn about Australia's unique animal management systems and explore its diverse landscapes, from Brisbane to Sydney.

Bhutan  GIS in the Land of the Thunder Dragon (UC Davis)

Learn how to use geographic information systems (GIS) in the peaceful, culturally rich, and biodiverse country of Bhutan in the Himalayan Mountains, where progress is measured in Gross National Happiness.

Hong Kong Child Development: A Global Perspective (UC Riverside)

This program provides an opportunity for students to understand and appreciate child development in diverse cultures. Students will master theories and research on children's development and be able to critically evaluate how the sociocultural environment shapes children's thoughts, feelings, and behaviors.

Indonesia – Bali & Yogya: Religion, Culture, and Nature in Indonesia (UC Riverside)

Students will be introduced to Southeast Asia through Indonesian cultures and religious traditions, practices, and institutions.

Japan  Architecture and Design in Tokyo (UC San Diego) 

Creatively engage with the city of Tokyo and experience its cultural life first hand. Focus on production design for film and the process of how visual ideas evolve and are develop for storytelling.  Learn foundational skills for drawing by observing and recording. The rich cultural landscape of Japan will make this an enriching and informative experience to students interested in architecture and design as well as the narrative art forms of film, anime, and manga.

Japan  Business and Communication Internships (UC Davis) 

Intern in Japan’s vibrant and bustling capital, where traditional blends with ultramodern. As a global leader in technological advancements and the world’s most populous metropolis, Tokyo is an ideal setting to gain international, professional experience.

Japan – Business Leadership, Communication, and Culture (UC Los Angeles)

The overall program objectives are to nurture your growth as an effective, multicultural leader in global business, as well as to increase your knowledge about business and leadership across Asian cultural contexts. In this program, we will place special emphasis on cultural diversity and local models of leading and understanding business.

Japan  Design Japan (UC Davis)

Based in Tokyo and Kyoto, this program explores Japan’s rich design culture and includes visits to wooden temples, bamboo forests, and the many wards in and around Tokyo and Kyoto.

Japan  Engineering and Computer Science Internships (UC Davis)

Intern in Japan’s vibrant and bustling capital, where traditional blends with ultramodern. As a global leader in technological advancements and the world’s most populous metropolis, Tokyo is an ideal setting to gain international, professional experience.

Japan  Genetics, Diversity, and Human Biology (UC San Diego) 

Students will draw connections to the genetics of pigmentation, examine how concepts in genetics are misused in public discourse, and explore the genetics of ancestry while considering the implications of diversity in relation to equitable access and outcomes in human health.

Japan  Global Internships: Tokyo, Japan (UC Berkeley) 

Gain first-hand knowledge, connections, and international work experience through an academic internship in Tokyo.

Japan  Life Sciences in Japan (UC Davis) 

Study biochemistry while living in Japan. With ample free time, students can visit Osaka or Tokyo, shop, delve into manga, dine in foodie heaven, or relax in an Onsen town. 

Japan – Media and Cultural Studies in Chiba, Japan (UC Riverside)

This program provides students the unique experience of studying modern Japanese history, culture and film while being immersed in contemporary Japanese society.

Japan – Mokuhanga Printmaking in Japan (UC Santa Cruz) 

Learn the skills and tools of classic Japanese Mokuhanga woodblock printmaking known as the “Ukiyo-e technique” widely studied by artists today.  Acquire first-hand knowledge of historical prints and other art media through class field trips to museums and galleries featuring both traditional woodblock prints and contemporary arts in Tokyo; a five-day hands-on Japanese papermaking workshop at the world-renowned Awagami Paper Factory in Tokushima; and cultural visits to Buddhist temples, Shinto shrines, palaces and gardens in Kyoto.

Japan – Startup Bootcamp: An International Perspective (UC Riverside)

This program integrates two upper division courses to create a program introducing students to what it's like to create or work at an early stage startup. The students will learn about everything necessary to create and deploy modern web sites and services including tools, frameworks, patterns, and methods.

Japan – Zen, Art, and Nature in Japan (UC San Diego)

If you are an avid admirer of the subtle refinement of Japanese art, as well as a passionate advocate for the protection of old growth forests and the ecosystems they engender, then this Global Seminar is for you. Explore meaningful ways through which passion for art and nature can be reconciled.

New Zealand – Environment, Green Tech, and Sustainability Internships (UC Davis)

Intern in the fields of environmental science, green technology, and sustainability in New Zealand, where their history is built on respect for the environment.

New Zealand  Psychology Internships (UC Davis)

Intern in Auckland or Wellington gaining experience in the fields of psychology and social work in a rich multicultural environment.

New Zealand – Screening New Zealand: Cinema, Globalization, and CAT (UC San Diego)

Wellington is an incredible city, full of cultural history, and a huge hub of film culture, eco-tourism, and a meeting point of diverse stories of travel from around the world. We will spend ample time walking and wandering around Wellington and learning about topics ranging from Maori filmmaking and how film history is made and preserved, to understanding the ins and outs of environmental tourism and the impact of the global cinema economy in a city like Wellington. 

New Zealand – Social Science in Context: Understanding New Zealand (UC Los Angeles)

Drawing on social science theories and methods, this program introduces students to the socio-historical and economic processes that have shaped contemporary New Zealand’s society and culture.

Philippines  Remote Island Medicine Internships (UC Davis)

Learn about healthcare challenges in the villages you encounter and the importance of preventative medicine. Rotate at community clinics and interact with healthcare providers and patients, while learning about the link between clinical medicine and public health.

Singapore – Global Internships: Singapore (UC Berkeley)

Gain first-hand knowledge, connections, and international work experience through an academic internship in Singapore.

South Korea – Computer Science in South Korea (UC Davis)

Intern in information technology and computer science in Seoul to advance your career goals.

South Korea – Religion and Futurism in Korea (UC San Diego)

South Korea provides an educational setting to understand how modernity has and continues to undergo radical technological changes  in connection with traditions that shape Korean identity. Explore the relationship between technology and religion in the context of the country’s collaborative system of state, industry, and educational sector.

Taiwan  How Shaky Structures Become the Safest Structures in Taiwan (UC San Diego)

Taiwan regularly experiences natural hazards like strong earthquakes, typhoons, floods, and landslides. A direct consequence is a long history of research and commercial practices in SHM, hazard mitigation, and community resiliency. Students will gain technical knowledge about sensing technologies and signal processing methods. Taiwan also offers rich culture, diverse foods, and nature excursions, which are easily accessible through its dense public transit network.

Thailand  Education Internships (UC Davis)

Spend five weeks supporting under-resourced students as an intern in a traditional Thai temple school in Chiang Mai, a beloved destination in the mountainous, jungle-filled north of Thailand.

Thailand  Microbiology Lab in the Kingdom of Smiles (UC Davis)

Explore tropical jungles, pristine beaches, exotic markets, and the mega-city of Bangkok while getting hands-on microbiology laboratory experience.

Thailand  Wildlife, Conservation and Veterinary Medicine Internships (UC Davis)

Students will have a chance to live in both city and rural settings and explore Thai culture while learning hands-on veterinary, conservation, and animal science skills.

Vietnam  Imaging Vietnam (UC San Diego)

Learn film analysis and production by examining Saigon’s mediascapes, with all its complexities and contradictions in the twenty-first century. Account for the transformation of Vietnam as a modern nation-state marked by dramatic economic development and an artistic renaissance.


Austria – Vienna—Crossroads of Central Europe (UC Davis)

From the Renaissance to the United Nations, experience life and history in one of Europe's grand imperial capitals.

Belgium  Microbiology in Europe's Capital—Brussels (UC Davis)

This program introduces you not only to microbiology as a discipline, but also to the historic laboratories that led to modern microbiology. There will be strong focus on the role of microbes in human disease and our response to them and on the role of microbes in biotechnology, agriculture, and their environmental impacts.

Denmark – In the Footsteps of Hans Christian Andersen (UC Los Angeles)

Follow the footsteps of renowned author Hans Christian Andersen through field trips, walking tours and hands-on exploration of place and space.

France  Exploring Sustainability in Nantes, France (UC Los Angeles)

Explore Nantes, a green capital of Europe, and its journey on becoming part of the climate change solution, and how its citizens actively support their city’s sustainability.

France – Global Internships: Paris, France (UC Berkeley)

Gain first-hand knowledge, connections, and international work experience through an academic internship in Paris, France.

France  Introduction to Winemaking (UC Davis)

Learn the basics of wine making while visiting many of the major French wine regions and accessing many elite wineries.

France – L'Anatomie à Paris - An Inclusive Approach (UC San Diego)

Paris is one of the best places in the world to study anatomy, how anatomical structures were represented, and how those representations evolved overtime. This interdisciplinary experience will allow for students to connect art, anatomy, science, history, and culture for a richer understanding of the historic and cultural underpinnings of anatomy education, the connection between science and culture, and the influence of anatomic studies on the great Renaissance masterpiece.

France  Sign Language Studies in Paris (UC San Diego)

Some estimates claim that one third of the signs used in ASL today are related to French signs. The two languages, however, are not mutually intelligible. Practice with French signs for many basic concepts will enable students to experience how comprehension can be achieved through an implicitly negotiated process of creating bridges between signs of different languages. 

Germany  Art and Politics in Berlin (UC San Diego)

Focus on contemporary art and politics in Germany’s capital of Berlin– an ever-changing palimpsest of activism, art, and culture. Examine the architectural, discursive, and cultural spaces in which these forms of creative and political expression take shape.

Germany  Diverse Berlin: Culture and Language in Context (UC Los Angeles)

Explore Berlin, a city that has impacted modern Europe and the world like few others, through various lenses: culture, politics, architecture, art, and urban history, and take courses in German.

Greece  Ancient Greece (UC Los Angeles)

Explore ancient Greece through a combination of classical archaeological site visits, lectures, and the works of Homer, Plato, Sophocles, and Aristophanes.

Greece  Writers in Greece (UC Davis)

Learn about Greece’s vibrant culture while traveling to many beautiful and historical sites.

Iceland  Thermodynamics in the Land of Fire and Ice (UC Davis)

What better way to study thermodynamics than in a country that is powered completely by geothermal and hydroelectric resources? From thundering waterfalls to towering volcanoes and geothermal fields, you will experience Iceland in all its intrigue.

Ireland  Bio Sci 2A on the Emerald Isle (UC Davis)

Take Biological Sciences 2A in beautiful Ireland at University College Cork (UCC). Cork is a vibrant community that combines a welcoming small-town feel with amenities of a cosmopolitan center. The program includes field trips to explore the biology and culture of Ireland, local landmarks like the Burren and Cliffs of Moher, and Dublin.

Ireland – Internships in Dublin (UC San Diego)

This unique Global Seminar provides students with a comprehensive academic, professional, and cultural experience in one of Europe’s most vibrant cities. Students will be placed into internships that complement their interests. While working as interns, students will take two remote courses that fulfill their Upper Division GE requirements.

Ireland – Writing 2: Travel Writing and Podcasting in Ireland (UC Santa Cruz)

Complete GE requirements this summer in the lively town of Dingle, County Kerry! Located in the far southwest corner of Ireland, Dingle retains its traditional culture, the Irish language, and offers both a glimpse into life from another time and a crossroads where the ancient meets the contemporary through music, literature, and the arts.

Italy  American Writers and Artists Abroad (UC Los Angeles)

Examine the experiences of some of the most important American writers and artists who spent time in Florence, the beautiful Tuscan city where the Italian Renaissance originated.

Italy – Art, Culture, History in the Eternal City (UC Davis)

Our classroom is Rome and nearby historical sites where we will study art, culture, and history that shaped European culture.

Italy – Dante, Shakespeare, and Opera in Milan & Verona (UC Los Angeles)

Explore the past, present, and future through gothic doumos, classical theaters, and gravity-defying architecture in the bustling metropolitan center, Milan. Just a train away is the peaceful city of Verona, which provides a reassuring setting for students to focus on their studies and immerse themselves in the local culture.

Italy – Delicious Italy: Specialty Farming, Food Production, and Agriculture's Environmental Footprint in Northern Italy and Parallels to California (UC Riverside)

Explore and experience the agricultural systems and their environmental footprints of North-eastern Italy and California, through traditional lectures, excursions, and student-led research. Focus is given to the history, culture, and economic, environmental, and social sustainability aspects of agriculture in Veneto (and parallels to California). 

Italy Exploring Ancient Rome (UC Los Angeles)

Explore the city of Rome and learn about its ancient history, politics, architecture and culture this summer.

Italy – Film History & Preservation in Bologna (UC Santa Cruz)

Attend the renowned Il Cinema Ritrovato film festival, the world’s leading festival of film preservation, featuring premieres of restored film prints and rare gems of mainstream, arthouse, experimental, and early film. Following the film festival, students will remain in Bologna for in-depth classes on film history and preservation.

Italy – Immersive Artistry – Summer Sketching in Italy (UC Davis)

Discover Italy as you learn to draw and appreciate art in Todi, visit Renaissance masterpieces in Florence and Siena, and explore ancient wonders of Rome.

Italy – Italian Culture Through Food and Conversation on the Amalfi Coast (UC Santa Cruz)

Investigate Italian culture while exploring the small town of Sorrento on the majestic Amalfi Coast. The program will be hosted by Sant’Anna Institute, where you will take Italian language and culture courses and learn about food production in Italy. Discover how the locals live through an immersive experience including cultural excursions as well as cooking courses and tastings.

Italy – Revelle in Rome (UC San Diego)

Study the revival of classical culture and values and the place of human beings in the world, as we experience Rome (and environs) and visit Florence. Rome – the eternal city and caput mundi (world capital) – will provide the backdrop for our study of the Renaissance, the Protestant Reformation, the discovery and conquest of the Americas, and the birth of scientific method.

Italy - Rugby Nutrition and Biochemistry in Italy (UC Santa Cruz)

Participate in a high-performance, international rugby environment and build your understanding of sports nutrition and biochemistry while immersed in an Italian cultural experience, including visiting and learning about historic cities and landmarks of Northern Italy.

Italy  Science of the Mind (UC Davis)

Study cognitive neuroscience through the internationally known Department of Psychology at the University of Bologna in Italy.

Netherlands – Sustainable Planning, Development, and Design in the Netherlands (UC San Diego)

The Netherlands is a leader in numerous dimensions of sustainable planning, development and design. You will have the opportunity to visit and study examples from across the Netherlands from our home base in Amsterdam and also visit the nearby cities of Utrecht and Rotterdam.

Netherlands – Sustainable Urban Systems (UC Davis)

Delve into the renowned Dutch infrastructure and sustainability practices through the exploration of water management and transportation systems.

Netherlands  The Global Governance of International Human Rights (UC Los Angeles)

Gain a deep knowledge of the promises and limits of international human rights and examine the Eurocentric frameworks within which international human rights are discussed and litigated today.

Spain – Business and Communication Internships (UC Davis)

Barcelona's entrepreneurial open economy have made the city an unbeatable meeting point for international business.

Spain – Cultures of Southern Spain (UC Santa Cruz)

The Cultures of Southern Spain program will take students to southern Spain and northern Morocco for a deep and focused look at how these cultures inform each other. Both countries are home to striking and rich cultures, which are starkly different from each other (linguistically, religiously) and yet share a variety of patterns and forms.

Spain – Drugs and Crime in Barcelona | Media and Cultural Studies (UC Riverside)

This program compares the crime and drug policies of the United States and Portugal. Students will learn how mass incarceration developed in the US, and how it compares to Spain's general approach to crime. 

Spain  Engineering and Computer Science Internships (UC Davis)

Spend the summer on the coast of the Mediterranean in dynamic Barcelona as an engineering intern. Students will have the opportunity to take an intensive Spanish course, explore Barcelona, and network with engineering and C.S. professionals and interns.

Spain – Environment, Green Tech, and Sustainability Internships (UC Davis)

Work with environmental engineering, architecture, urban planning, research, sustainable development, or policy in Spain.

Spain – Global Internships: Barcelona, Spain (UC Berkeley)

Gain first-hand knowledge, connections, and international work experience through an academic internship in Barcelona.

Spain  Housing and Urbanism in Barcelona (UC Davis)

Discover the many lessons we can take home from Barcelona on housing development and neighborhood regeneration efforts.

Spain – Language and Culture in Spain - Session I: June Start (UC Los Angeles)

Enjoy your summer in Spain while studying Spanish language and culture in the charming city of Granada.

Spain – Language and Culture in Spain - Session II: July Start (UC Los Angeles)

Enjoy your summer in Spain while studying Spanish language and culture in the charming city of Granada.

Spain – Linguistics in Madrid and Bilbao, Spain (UC Riverside)

Study Linguistics in the local context of the Basque Country, Spain, with a focus on the Basque language as well as the development of Spanish. Rather than just reading about how languages work, we will directly investigate the grammar of these languages for a first-hand perspective on linguistic structure. 

Spain – Madrid, Spain: Interculturalism in the Crossroads (UC Riverside)

*Courses are taught in Spanish. 
Explore the shared histories of Spain, the Caribbean, and Latin America. Examine legacies of the conquest of America, the nation-building process, and uses of a natural language within a digital realm for digital or analogical materials. 

Spain  Multilingual and Multicultural Spain (UC San Diego)

Come study in Barcelona, Spain on the Mediterranean coast! This Global Seminar is a perfect way to expose yourself to the rich multilingual and multicultural communities of Spain.

Spain  Psychology Internships (UC Davis)

Intern in the Mediterranean gem of Valencia with an individually tailored placement to work toward your career goals in psychology and social services.

Spain – Revelle in Madrid (UC San Diego)

Spain is a vibrant country with beautiful weather and an especially rich cultural history. Visitors will find not only world-class museums and historical sites, but also world-class sports teams all over the country. The Mediterranean food and lifestyle are impossible to beat. 

Spain  Social Cognition and Drugs in Spain (UC San Diego)

Focus on the neurobiology of art and the effect of culture on human perception. Barcelona is the perfect setting to examine, discuss, and experience issues of social cognition and the effects of cultural norms on how individuals interact. 

Spain – Spanish Memories, African Hopes, Through Literature & Film (UC San Diego)

Granada is one of Spain’s most beautiful cities and a historical and cultural crossroads between Africa and Europe. Literature and film from Africa and Spain, providing perspectives from both sides will be linked for a portrait of this evolving, often uneasy merger of complex cultures and religions. Study of texts and films will be dramatically augmented by field trips to Madrid and Morocco.

Spain – The History of Cancer (UC Davis)

Learn about the medical and scientific discoveries relating to cancer prevention and treatment within historical and social contexts, including differences between the US and Spanish healthcare systems.

Spain – Three Cultures of Medieval Spain (UC Davis)

Explore the cities of Salamanca, Toledo, Madrid, Cordoba, Sevilla, and Granada to learn about the religious and cultural differences of medieval Spain.

Sweden – Global Internships: Stockholm, Sweden (UC Berkeley)

Gain first-hand knowledge, connections, and work experience through an academic internship in Stockholm, Sweden.

Switzerland  Geology Adventures in the Swiss Alps (UC San Diego)

This Global Seminar will focus on Earth science and geology in the Swiss Alps—a truly amazing and spectacular region. Switzerland is host to incredible natural beauty, including towering mountain peaks, majestic glaciers, massive waterfalls, pristine mountain lakes, and more. Switzerland is also one of the most livable and modern countries in the world, consistently ranking highly among travelers and residents alike. 

United Kingdom  Austen and the City | English in London (UC Riverside)

Experience the cultural transformation of Romantic-era revolutions by connecting the groundbreaking works of authors like Jane Austen, William Wordsworth, William Blake, Anna Letitia Barbauld, Felicia Hemans, Letitia Landon, Percy Shelley, Friedrich Engels, and more to the places that inspired them.

United Kingdom  Computer App Development in London (UC Riverside)

This program will introduce students to computers as a part of society. We will be examining how the purpose of the computer has changed based on society's needs, the effects of different applications of computers, and how computers can be used to improve current society issues.

United Kingdom – Downton Abbey: Popular Culture and Political Consensus - What's in Common? (UC Riverside)

Join Media and Cultural Studies' Faculty Lead Summer Abroad program to learn about our significant influence in the organization of production in society, determination of avenues for employment, and ultimately regulation of our lives.

United Kingdom  Genetics, Pandemics, and Society in Edinburgh (UC San Diego)

Edinburgh’s historic and continued importance as a site for scientific innovation makes it the ideal site to explore a range of themes in the history of public health and genetics. As a center of the European Enlightenment, it was home to important revolutions in scientific thought, medicine, and later, advances in tropical medicine and the development of global health as well as phrenology and genetics.

United Kingdom – Global Internships: London, UK (UC Berkeley)

Gain first-hand knowledge, connections, and international work experience through an academic internship in London.

United Kingdom  In Search of Scotland (UC Davis)

Take an intensive writing course coupled with field trips, ghost walks, and a three day tour of the Highlands, including the Isle of Skye, Loch Ness, and the haunted fields of Culloden.

United Kingdom  London Leadership Experience | Business in London (UC Riverside)

The London Leadership Experience encourages students to engage in a deeper understanding of human behavior within organizations. The program works on the idea that behavior is a function of a person in his/her environment (i.e., the way in which we behave is largely dependent on who we are and the various contexts we find ourselves in.

United Kingdom London, City of Transformations (UC Los Angeles)

Gain an intimate knowledge of London, discovering, walking and mapping the psychogeography of the contemporary capital while recovering the hidden traces of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries.

United Kingdom – Organic Chemistry in Nottingham (UC Davis)

Studying on the beautiful University of Nottingham’s campus, you will learn the basic principles of organic chemistry from a UC Davis professor of Chemistry. This course covers in-depth presentations on alkane and cycloalkane structure and reactivity, stereochemistry, organic structural analysis using nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy, and more.

United Kingdom – Oxford on Film (UC Davis)

Oxford is famed for its writers, like Tolkien, Lewis and Carroll, in addition to canonic British mystery series, such as EndeavourLewis and Inspector Morse. While we explore its history of magic, fantasy and intrigue, we’ll also walk in the footsteps of contemporary filmmakers who use Oxford as their canvas. 

United Kingdom – Revelle in Edinburgh (UC San Diego)

Often referred to as “the Athens of the North” because of its rich intellectual tradition in the arts, humanities, and sciences, Edinburgh is the second most visited city in the United Kingdom after London. A medium-sized city with half a million people, it is a mix of natural features, such as Arthur’s Seat; a long political history, best reflected in the Royal Mile stretching from Holyrood Palace up to Edinburgh Castle; and a thriving contemporary city as the capital of Scotland.

United Kingdom – Revelle in London (UC San Diego)

London is a site of extraordinary cultural and historical importance for the three key periods and themes of Humanities 3: the Renaissance, the Reformation, and Early Modern Europe.  Studying these events in London will afford students an unparalleled opportunity to explore historical and contemporary events where they actually occurred.

Europe (Multi-Country)

Iceland & United Kingdom  Design in Europe (UC Davis)

Journey through three European countries famous for their trend-setting historical and contemporary art, architecture and design.

Switzerland & France – World Cinema and the European Film Festival (UC Davis)

Attend an entire A-level film festival in the Italian-Swiss Lake region, with two-weeks of preparatory film studies in Cannes, France.

Netherlands & Belgium – International Business and Law (UC Los Angeles)

Examine how to successfully manage a business in an international context, and the strategies that managers can pursue to capitalize upon the opportunities and mitigate the threats of doing business globally, in Amsterdam and Brussels.

Latin America

Argentina – Global Internships: Buenos Aires, Argentina (UC Berkeley)

Gain first-hand knowledge, connections, and international work experience through an academic internship in Buenos Aires.

Argentina  Taking it to the Streets in Buenos Aires (UC Los Angeles)

Experience the full immersion in the rich cultural resources, vibrant social life and political activities of Buenos Aires. 

Belize – Paradise Found—Sustainable Planning and Design (UC Davis)

Explore sustainable planning and design strategies for visitor-serving development in Belize's pristine barrier reef and an inland rain forest.

Belize – Hip Hop and the Power of Dramatic Writing | Theatre, Film, and Digital Production in Belize (UC Riverside)

Explore the theatrical genre known as Hip-Hop Theater through readings, documentaries/videos/films, and performances culminating in the development and virtual performance of a hip-hop theater play by the class.

Bolivia  Pediatric Health Internships (UC Davis)

Rotate at pediatric clinics and hospitals alongside local Bolivian pediatricians and understand the medical, clinical and social issues through daily rounds in wards such as obstetrics, oncology, inpatient, infectious disease, and nephrology.

Chile – Human Rights, Memory, and Democracy (UC Davis)

Immerse yourself in Chile's transformative history and vibrant social movements, exploring grassroots mobilization, and the struggle for justice and democracy.

Costa Rica – Eco-Entrepreneurship in Costa Rica (UC Santa Cruz)

Get immersed in the local entrepreneurial community, focusing on eco-tourism and conservation. Learn about the responsible interactions between human and natural communities and ensure a long-term and sustainable future. Travel to the capital city of San Jose, and along the western/Pacific coastline, visit a volcano, hydroelectric dam, eco-hotels, beaches, jungles, and spice and cocoa plantations.

Costa Rica – Education Internships (UC Davis)

Spend six weeks as a teacher's assistant in a private school or NGO in Costa Rica's vibrant capital, San Jose. Students will actively participate in teaching, mentoring, homework assistance, classroom and lesson prep, and, in some cases, after-school activities.

Costa Rica – Sea Turtles and Tropical Ecology in Costa Rica (UC San Diego)

The New World tropics are a monument to biodiversity.  A small patch of forest in Costa Rica may contain more kinds of trees, birds and insects than all of North America. Our destination, Ostional, is the scene of a regular wildlife spectacle—the mass nesting when hundreds of olive ridley (Lepidochelys olivacea) sea turtles come ashore to lay eggs.

Costa Rica – Startup Bootcamp: An International Perspective | Computer Science in Costa Rica (UC Riverside)

This program integrates two upper division courses to create a program introducing students to what it's like to create or work at an early stage startup. The students will learn about everything necessary to create and deploy modern web sites and services including tools, frameworks, patterns, and methods.

Costa Rica – Wildlife, Conservation, and Veterinary Medicine (UC Davis)

Intern for four weeks while gaining experience in both a small animal clinic and at a wildlife rescue center.

Ecuador – Multiculturalism in Medieval Spain and the New World (UC San Diego)

Focus on the intersection of indigenous Andean South America’s complex palimpsest of cultural identities with Spain’s equally complex multicultural heritage. Students will participate in city walks and visits to Quito’s museums, standing monuments, and archaeological sites, as well as excursions to the second Inca capital and regions of strong indigenous tradition.

Ecuador & Galapagos Islands – Biodiversity and Evolution of the Galapagos Islands and Mainland Ecuador (UC San Diego)

The Galapagos Islands are a UNESCO World Heritage site, and represent a living museum and a showcase of evolution, which have inspired Charles Darwin to propose its evolutionary theory of natural selection. In mainland Ecuador we will experience the most diverse ecosystems and wildlife. Students will have a unique opportunity to see the organisms and topics covered in textbooks materialized in front of them.

Guatemala – Agroecology Practicum in Guatemala (UC Santa Cruz)

Explore the historical and contemporary strengths and challenges to Guatemala’s food and agricultural system through the lens of Agroecology and indigenous-led agricultural development work.

Mexico – Building Sustainable Water Treatment Systems (UC Davis)

Participate in the sustainable design of holistic rainwater collection and wastewater treatment systems in an underserved community.

North America (USA & Canada)

Atlanta – Global Internships: Atlanta, Georgia (UC Berkeley)

Gain first-hand knowledge, connections, and work experience through an academic internship in Atlanta, Georgia.

Boston – Global Internships: Boston, Massachusetts (UC Berkeley)

Gain first-hand knowledge, connections, and work experience through an academic internship in Boston, Massachusetts.

Los Angeles  Global Internships: Los Angeles, California (UC Berkeley)

Gain first-hand knowledge, connections, and work experience through an academic internship in the Los Angeles area.

New York – Global Internships: New York, New York (UC Berkeley)

Gain first-hand knowledge, connections, and work experience through an academic internship in New York.

New York – Cities and Cultures (UC Los Angeles)

Explore cutting edge, urban, cultural and political issues, and the trendiest neighborhoods in the country's largest city.

Puerto Rico  People, Politics, and Power (UC San Diego)

This global seminar traces important aspects of Puerto Rico's history and present, and introduces students to a variety of social movements and community organizations working for change.

San Francisco Bay Area  Global Internships: San Francisco Bay Area, California (UC Berkeley)

Gain first-hand knowledge, connections, and work experience through an academic internship in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Toronto – Global Internships: Toronto, Canada - Engineering (UC Berkeley)

Gain first-hand knowledge, connections, and international work experience through an academic internship in Toronto, Canada.


Worldwide  Business and Communication Virtual Internships (UC Davis)

Go global. yet remain local, gaining work experience and building your resume working virtually with a company based abroad.

Worldwide  Engineering and Computer Science Virtual Internships (UC Davis)

Build your engineering, computer science, or IT experience and expand your global network by working virtually with a team based abroad. 

Worldwide  Environment, Green Tech, and Sustainability Virtual Internships (UC Davis)

Intern remotely with companies working to shift the world towards a sustainable economy and reduce the human impact on the globe.

Worldwide Social Impact and Public Health Virtual Internships (UC Davis)

Gain work experience with this 8-week, project-based internship. Learn from and contribute to social projects and programs that benefit local communities.